Can Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Can Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

By now, you must be quite used to signs and labels that read “smoking is injurious to health”. Thanks to health safety officials and community volunteer workers, the message that smoking causes great harm to the body is something that has been firmly engraved in the minds of the masses. Even if you are a chain smoker, you will not be inclined to believe that puffing a cigarette will do you no harm. In other words, it is a globally accepted fact that smoking cigarettes or any other form of tobacco will always have detrimental effects on our health.

The Common Ills of Smoking

When we think of the ill effects of smoking, we usually think about the respiratory system. This means that the image of cigarettes harming the body is almost always related to our lungs getting damaged significantly. This is the reason why anti-smoking infomercials or messages always depict pictures of our lungs turning tar black as a consequence of regular smoking. In recent years, smoking has also become quite synonymous with cancer, especially lung cancer. It is widely believed that excessive smoking over an extended period of time can cause individuals to suffer from cancer. As we all know, most people lose the battle against cancer which is why it has become quite common for people to say that smoking kills.

Why Do So Many Smokers have Thinning Hair?

If you are interested to Google up pictures of “effects of smoking” you will come across a myriad of human faces that seem to be dealing with certain grotesque consequences of smoking. Among all the droopy eyes, pale skinned complexions, yellow teeth and bleeding gums, you will notice that majority of the smoking “mug shots” have one thing in common. The smoker is being depicted as a person who has noticeably thinner hair. Does this mean that smokers have less hair than non smokers do? Is this an indication towards the fact that smoking can cause hair loss? Read on to unearth the answers.

Establishing a Connection Between Smoking and Hair Loss

Cigarettes, the act of smoking and smokers are three of the most heavily researched subjects that you can come across. There is a heightened degree of public interest in smoking. Even though so many people are reluctant to give up smoking, it seems as though people simply cannot get enough of the harms of smoking. A brand new research is conducted on smoking nearly every single day with the intention of discovering a brand new ill of smoking. This is why a lot of studies have been carried out on the topic of smoking and hair loss. To the dismay of health class teachers, researchers have found it quite difficult to establish a solid connection between smoking and hair loss. However, the lack of adequate results did nothing to change the obvious fact that smokers were experiencing hair loss more frequently than non smokers. This prompted researchers to put in a little bit more effort and dig deeper into the science of smoking. Courtesy of their strenuous endeavours, we have now come to the conclusion that there is indeed a significant connection between smoking and hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness and Smoking

Research has proved that smoking can have an adverse effect on your hair. As strange and bizarre as it may sound, smoking is known to alter the condition of your hair in a way that is conducive to hair loss. The link between cigarette smoking and hair loss is quite worrying indeed. In fact, if you have a genetic disposition for balding (if you are a man with a family history of ancestors experiencing hair loss prematurely) then there is a lot for you to be concerned about when it comes to smoking and hair loss. Once you have hereditary baldness, it is quite impossible for you to do anything to stop it. You do have the option however to slow it down. That being said, making poor lifestyle choices such as smoking on a regular basis or getting stressed about work can speed up the action of the balding genes. This means that patients of male pattern baldness can experience partial to complete hair loss even before they reach middle age if they continue to smoke on a daily basis.

How Exactly Does Smoking Lead to Hair Loss?

In order to maintain a healthy rate of hair growth, the blood circulation in your body cannot be hampered. If the blood circulation is poor, then sufficient nutrients will not reach the hair cells on your scalp. This will cut down the nourishment of the hair, which will make it weak and more prone to damage and hair fall. Since cigarette smoke contains a number of different toxic chemicals, it can adversely affect the blood circulation in your body. In other words, cigarette indirectly disrupts the regular growth cycle of the hair that leads to hair thinning and hair loss eventually.