Can Stem Cell Hair Transplant be the Sought after Cure for Hair Loss?

Can Stem Cell Hair Transplant be the Sought after Cure for Hair Loss?

One of the most remarkable things about human beings is their incredible ability to do everything within their power to alleviate problems that have nagged them for long. With the passage of time, solution to problems are not only created but improved drastically. Take for example the problem of limited mobility. In the beginning, human beings used animals to enhance their mobility. As time passed, cars came into being and soon we had supersonic jets travelling faster than the speed of sound. Given the monumental accomplishments of human beings throughout their existence, it is quite surprising to know that we are yet to develop a definite cure for a problem that has been agitating us for so long. Almost every other person has this problem, and it is the problem of hair loss.

Solutions for Hair Loss

Solutions for hair loss or hair loss treatments can be broadly categorized into two types. You have modern solutions and you have age old remedies. The age old remedies comprise of natural hair loss treatments which are extracted from ingredients found in nature such as fruit, vegetable and herbs. As far as the modern solutions to hair loss are concerned, these can once again be divided into two categories. The first involve the use of synthetic medications or drugs such as those contained within commercial anti-hair loss products such as Rogaine. The second type of modern hair loss treatments deals with surgical procedures and includes the well know hair transplant surgery.

Can Hair Transplant Surgeries be 100% Successful?

The internet is filled with tons of positive and negative information about hair transplant surgery. Almost everyone who knows something about this surgical procedure has a strong opinion on it. Some believe that this surgery is the most advanced method of kicking hair loss out of the lives of bald or balding individuals. Others throw questions marks over the efficacy, the affordability and the safety of hair transplant surgery. Under these circumstances, it is important that you do your research on hair transplant surgery, especially on your local facilities that provide this surgical hair loss treatment.

You need to understand that hair transplant surgery can do a decent job of restoring your hair and improving your hair loss condition, but it has its fair share limitations. In addition to those limitations, there are certain safety concerns that you should take into consideration before signing up for a hair transplant surgery. That being said, the constant advancements being made in the field of medical science can minimize the cons of hair transplant surgery and greatly enhance its advantages. The stem cell follicle FUE hair transplant could serve as the perfect example of how modern, high precision technology could make hair transplant surgery the most effective and feasible form of hair loss treatment. It could just as well make hair transplant surgery the ultimate cure to hair loss.

Planning Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant

Before a stem cell FUE hair transplant takes place, the surgeons engage in thorough discussions with the patients to decide on a specific outcome for the transplant. The expectations of the patient are taken into account and a genuine attempt is made to materialize those expectations into reality as much as possible. The available donor area is examined by the surgeon to come up with an estimation of how many hair grafts can be extracted and then implanted on the scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Specially crafted devices are used in the extraction of the hair follicles. These devices are high speed equipments that have the capacity to extract hair follicles much faster than traditional FUE methods can. In fact, you will be shocked to know that a total of 4000 grafts can be obtained in a single session of stem cell FUE hair transplant surgery. Therefore, in terms of efficiency, this hair loss treatment is right up there with the very best remedies.


When it comes to stem cell FUE, it is all about achieving perfection (which is something that researchers are still working on and has not been made possible yet). That being said, it is important to remember that a genuine attempt is made to produce results that are 100% successful or at least close to that number. To facilitate such a high level of success, micro grafting technique is used during stem cell FUE. The micro grafts used in stem cell FUE are nearly half the size of that of the ones used in traditional hair transplant surgeries. This allows the hair to appear much more normal and natural within 12 months.

What Makes Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant a Good Choice?

As far as surgical hair loss treatments are concerned, there is no denying the fact that stem cell FUE hair transplant is the best choice among all the options available today. In most cases, the downtime does not exceed 2 days. Furthermore, linear scarring is yet to be documented. That being said, there is still plenty of room for improvement, and unless that room is filled up, it will not be possible for us to label stem cell FUE hair transplant as the ultimate cure for hair loss.