Can Trying Out a Different Hairstyle Help You Hide Your Receding Hairline?

For millions of people around the world, the receding hairline is nothing more than the mark of utter embarrassment. People make the assumption that developing a receding hairline is going to make them look extremely old. There is no denying the fact that the standards of beauty as set by societal norms ranks a man with a head full of hair above a man with a receding hairline. In simpler terms, people are likely to find you more appealing if you come up with a clever way to hide your receding hairline.

When the topic of hiding a receding hairline or bald spots in general is brought up, most people immediately start thinking about using toupees or wigs or other products that are designed to cover up the bald patches. You don’t have to buy any of these products to deviate people’s attention from your baldness. There is a much simpler and non-complicated way of pulling this off.

No, we aren’t talking about hair transplantation. This is a highly complex and expensive surgical procedure that a lot of people are unable to afford. The solution that we are going to suggest is something that is well within the reach of everybody. Change your hairstyle. That is pretty much all you need to do to take people’s eyes off your bald spots. By bringing about a change in your appearance, you are putting people in a position where they have to appreciate your good looks instead of complaining about the defects on your scalp. Changing the hairstyle is particularly helpful for solving the predicament of male receding hairline. As a man, it is very important for you to be fully aware of the kind of trending hairstyles that you should opt for in order save yourself from the embarrassment of being labelled a “baldy” in public.

1) The Classic Clean Shave

Even though this is the most basic form of hairstyle that a person can have, it is extremely hard to pull off. There are only a few men among hundreds who can look good with a classic clean shaven head. Many who try out this timeless hairstyle end up looking as unpleasant as Dr Evil or Dr Xavier. You would be surprised to know that some people look better with a receding hairline than a clean shaven head. Take Adam Levine for example. The superstar singer from Maroon 5 looked absolutely horrible with a clean shaven head. He quickly changed his hairstyle to avoid losing a few of his female fans. You certainly do not want to end up looking like a bald Adam Levine. A simple way of looking good with a clean shaven head is to highlight the growth of your facial hair. Once you have a thick, beautiful beard around your face and a wonderful moustache above your upper lip, you are likely to look less creepy and awkward with a bald head.

2) The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is something that you have probably never tried out. It is characterized by short length hair on the frontal region of your scalp. The reason why it has been given this name is because it bears great resemblance to the kind of hairstyle that the great Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, adhered to. The Caesar cut has been in fashion for quite a long period of time. The Caesar cut was quite “main stream” in the 90s before making a strong comeback in the early years of the new millennium. It still has not gone out of fashion and it is not the kind of hairstyle that would be frowned upon by even those who have high standards of male beauty. The most important thing for you to remember is that the Caesar cut does a fantastic job of hiding your receding hairline.

3) Wavy, Long Bangs

Who said men can’t pull off bangs? If you have silky, wavy hair that tends to fall on your face, then you have a very good chance of keeping your receding hairline hidden. Grow your hair long at the front. Keep it trimmed on the sides. This will give you a neat look without exposing the dreaded receding hairline. With this hairstyle, there really isn’t any need to apply hair care products to keep your hair in shape. Dabbing your hair with a bit of water from time to time should do the trick.

4) Short Textured Fringe Haircut

This is a haircut that works extraordinarily well for men with receding hairlines. The reason why you are so strongly encouraged to try this hairstyle out is because it adds some volume to your forehead and gives people the impression that you have much fuller frontal hair. Be sure to keep it combed in one direction or else your receding hairline will be easily exposed.