Caring for African American Hair: “Tips that Will Prevent Hair Loss”

Different people have different hair types. These differences are very important and they need to be taken into consideration when you are caring for your hair. For instance, the kind of shampoo or conditioner that you purchase from the convenience store should be determined by the type of hair that you have and the type of hair loss condition that you are suffering from. If you have African American hair, then you need to be conscious of how your hair is different from others. Based on these differences, you need to select a product and a hair loss treatment plan that will best suit all your requirements.

It goes without saying that African American hair is quite unlike Asian or Caucasoid hair types. There are a number of factors behind these differences that exist between hair types. The climate, the skin type, the nutrition and a different biological setup all play their part in making African American hair different from the types of hair that are commonly seen in hair loss product commercials and advertisements. Here is a simple example for you to understand the difference between hair types. African American hair is usually a lot stronger than blonde or brunette straight hair. That being said, African American hair is quite flexible in terms of length. It should also be remembered that just because African American hair is generally strong, it does not mean that this type of hair is not susceptible to damage. If you are an African American, then your hair can get damaged just as easily as the hair of your Caucasian, Latino or Asian friends.

There are certain steps that you need to follow and specific techniques that you must remember when caring for your hair as an African American. If you take good care of your hair from the very beginning, then you can prevent the horror of hair loss and never have to worry about standing on the brink of baldness. Here are some tips that will help you out for sure:

1) Go For Intensive Shampoo Treatments

African American hair requires intensive shampoo treatments. Do not compromise with the quality of the shampoo that you are selecting. If necessary, get in touch with a hair loss consultant. This professional will be able to properly asses your hair loss situation and determine the best possible product for your hair. You could also get an appointment with a dermatologist in case your hair loss condition becomes worse. Whichever the case is, make sure that you do enough research before selecting the right shampoo for your hair. Once you find the right shampoo, stick to it till it stops producing desirable results.

2) Do Not Rub Your Hair With a Towel

Everyone is accustomed to the habit of drying their hair by rubbing it against a towel. As an African American, you need to change this habit to improve the condition of your hair and prevent hair damage. Instead of rubbing the cloth against your hair, simply use the towel to squeeze the moisture out of your hair. This is a much more suitable drying technique for you and it will stop you from damaging your precious hair when it is wet.

3) Use Hot Oil Conditioners

If there is any hair loss product that you should use on your African American hair, then it is the hot oil conditioner. This is a product that you can make on your own at your home. You just need to procure the right ingredients and mix them in the right proportions. Store bought hot oil conditioners aren’t a bad option either. The ones that are made by well known manufacturers are packed with a plethora of proteins and polymers that are known to boost the strength of hair and decrease the chances of your hair drying out during the colder days of winter. It is very important for you to condition your hair with oil, especially during the dry season. Dry hair becomes brittle very easily. Brittle hair does not take long to fall off from the scalp.

4) Keep the Hair Short

African American hair stays healthier when it is cut short. You can have the long dreadlocks, but there are a few potential problems that you might face. Since your hair is thicker and stronger, it can get pulled and plucked by external forces quite easily. It is not going to be easy for you to hide your hair and keep it safe from external damage. Hence, the smarter option is to simply cut it short. You do not have to shave your hair off completely. Get a trim once every two weeks. Short hair also makes it easier for hair loss creams, oils, shampoos and conditioners to reach the deep ends of your hair and the surface of your scalp.