Could Regenerative Hair Medicine and Hair Cloning Solve the Hair Loss Problem?

The hair loss business in America is a near billion dollar industry. If you want to be a part of this industry as a producer, you are guaranteed some degree of sales as there are always hungry customers looking for brand new solutions to their age old hair loss problems. Profitability on a particular product does not always equate to desirable effectiveness. Some of the better hair loss products in the market can slow down the progression of hair loss to a considerable extent. However, none of them can be considered as the perfect cure for the problem. The products yield different results for different people. Take for example Rogaine. It is the most popular hair loss product out there in the market. However, nearly half the people who use Rogaine will not benefit from the product. That tells you a lot about how successful manufacturers and researchers have been in trying to come up with a solution to this problem that has affected people since the dawn of human civilization.

The Press Release that Grabbed everyone’s Attention

Given the lack of exciting results that hair loss products produce, customers are always on the lookout for the next big technologically advanced solution to the hair loss predicament. They may finally have one in the form of regenerative hair medicine and hair cloning. On January 6, 2010, a press release circulated the internet and grabbed the attention of millions of people who suffered from hair loss. The reason why the press release garnered so much attention is because it spoke of researchers being able to successfully develop the first ever hair cloning technique in the world. It comes as no surprise that there has been a lot of talk on this sensational press release and the exciting subject that it addressed since the day of the release. Most of the people who were and still are involved in the discussions were amazed and excited by the news. Others however, expressed reasonable scepticism and were trying to figure out how accurate this press release really was. Then there were those who believed that this was merely a hoax intended to instil false hope among those who are on the brink of permanent baldness.

Why Is There So Much Hype About Hair Cloning?

There is a very good reason why people get excited by any news that claims to unravel new information about hair cloning. For many years, hair cloning has been dubbed as the Holy Grail for hair loss sufferers. Many people who suffer from hair loss problems genuinely believe that hair cloning can serve as the permanent solution that they have been looking for since the dawn of anti-hair loss products and hair loss reversal procedures in the market. In simple terms, it is an innovation that yields promise and hope for millions of people around the world who would do anything to get their beautiful hair back.

Has Hair Cloning Ever Been Performed Successfully?

Now that you have a clear idea about why people are so amused by the prospect of hair cloning, it is time to answer the all important question. Is there any concrete evidence to suggest that hair cloning has ever been performed successfully? The answer is yes. The people behind it are the researchers at MicroMatrix. They used plucked hair in a very specific manner to regenerate a new hair follicle with the use of the ACell. The hair follicle was not depleted from the original site.

Has a Cure Been Finally Discovered?

If you are starting to believe that hair loss can be cured once and for all, then we ask you to hold your horses. It is important for readers to understand that this research is still in its early stages. There is a lot of developmental work that needs to be done before hair cloning can be offered at a mass scale. Take for example hair transplant. This technology or surgical procedure rather came into being in the early 20th century. Even today, it is not exactly the most accessible or safe form of hair loss treatment. Thus, it only makes sense to assume that hair cloning will take years, if not decades, before being considered as a better alternative than all the other forms of hair loss treatment that are currently available in the market.

Hair cloning has to be made effective and safe before consumers are presented with the choice of paying for this service. Even if it does become safe and effective, it will have certain limitations which will prevent it from being labelled as the ultimate cure for hair loss. Then again, with the rapid developments in medical science, it would not be fair to rule out the possibility of people being able to restore their hair with the help of hair cloning in the not so distant future.