Do Eggs Actually Help Prevent Hair Loss

Do Eggs Actually Help Prevent Hair Loss?

The prerequisite of preventing hair loss is putting in a dedicated effort to growth strong, healthy and thick hair. As long as the health of your hair is not compromised, you do not have to worry about suffering from problems associated with hair loss. There are a number of widely available remedies on the internet that are intended to help people overcome the struggles of hair loss and hair thinning. Among them, the one remedy that is perhaps the most common is the one that deals with using eggs to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth.

Eggs are Packed with Protein, Amino Acids and Vitamins

Since it is the most common remedy out there, there must be a good enough reason why people resort to eggs to make sure that they retain the beautiful lock of hair on their heads. To learn why eggs are so vital in the prevention of hair loss, one needs to understand the chemical composition of hair. Hair is made up of proteins. Therefore, whenever there is a deficiency of proteins in the body, hair loss becomes inevitable. In addition to proteins, hair is also made up of amino acids. As a result, it is important for you to consume foods that are rich in proteins and amino acids so that you can keep your hair loss problems at bay. Eggs are packed with proteins and amino acids. In addition to these essential nutrients, eggs also contain vitamins which can play a major role in helping your retain your hair and regain your hair growth.

Three Reasons why Eggs Are Such a Popular Hair Loss Remedy

There are three very important reasons why eggs are such a great solution to hair loss and other hair related problems.

●First of all, eggs are inexpensive. When you think of all the other foods that help in fighting hair loss, you will realize that eggs hardly cost a dime. When compared to delicacies such as salmon, cow liver or oysters that are known to be quite expensive, eggs are extremely cheap.

●The second most important reason why people stock up on eggs when they start losing their hair is because eggs are easily available. Unless you live in a vegan community filled with vegan grocery and convenience stores, you should not have a problem finding eggs in your locality. That being said, you are advised to always purchase farm fresh eggs instead of the stale ones are usually sold in stores.

● Finally, eggs are natural alternatives to preventing hair loss which can be used either internally or externally to ensure that your hair remains strong and beautiful. Unlike other synthetic hair care products in the market, eggs are not known to strip your hair off its natural oils. As a matter of fact, eggs actually help restore the natural oils in your hair as well as the ones in the scalp. This is how it prevents breakage and makes your hair feel soft again.

How Nutrients in Eggs Help Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

A single egg contains a number of different nutrients that can all play a very important role in maintaining the health of your hair and ensuring that it does not leave the scalp earlier than it should. You can think of these egg nutrients as specialized ingredients that help condition the hair and repair hair damages. The following is a list of the egg nutrients that helps people deal with hair loss and hair thinning:

1) Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are present in the yolk of the egg. These acids are essential in improving the skin of the scalp. When the scalp skin is kept healthy and clean, your chances of suffering from dandruff, flaky scalp and psoriasis are almost nullified. As a result, your hair stays shiny, glossy and smooth. This eventually contributes in preventing hair loss in the long run.

2) Lecithin

The presence of lecithin prevents hair from becoming brittle. It also reduces the chances of hair loss as well. Some hair care products contain lecithin in the formula to help people reduce frizz and smoothen their hair.

3) Vitamin A

When a sufficient quantity of Vitamin A is consumed, the sebum production in the scalp is enhanced. This helps to control dandruff. The less dandruff you have in your hair, the lower are your chances of losing your hair.

4) Vitamin E

The Vitamin E found in eggs protect your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as from pollution in the air in the form of dust and dirt. The presence of Vitamin E improves the texture of your hair and makes it much more manageable.

5) Vitamin B

Eggs contain a series of Vitamin Bs such as B-1, B-2, B-12, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid and choline. The niacin or Vitamin B3 in particular is very important since enhances the metabolism in the cells near the scalp and thus promotes hair growth. Niacin deficiency has also been linked to hair thinning. Choline is known to have similar effects on hair growth.