Do Men with Hair Loss Make Better Boyfriends?

Do Men with Hair Loss Make Better Boyfriends?

Let us get one thing perfectly clear. There is no scientific evidence to prove whether one category of men make better partners than other categories of men. There are so many categories that can be talked about that it would be quite absurd to make such a claim on the basis of any kind of small scale study. Therefore, as you read on about men with hair loss and their credentials as sexual/romantic partners for women, we would advise you to rely on logic and reasoning above concrete facts and figures. After all, philosophy is a pretty big part of relationships isn’t it?

The argument in favour of bald men or men suffering from hair loss being better lovers or boyfriends sounds quite outrageous since the internet is filled with blogs, articles and even eBooks that address the many disadvantages of being a bald man looking for a relationship. We acknowledge the fact that different people have different tastes. There are lots of women out there who would actually prefer men with no hair or little hair over those with a head full of dense, thick and strong hair. This is particularly true if the men in question are as masculine and imposing as some of the bald bad boys of Hollywood such as Nicholas Cage, Jason Statham, The Rock or Vin Diesel. Some women are even attracted to the Kevin Hart or Pitbull type of humorous bald guys who do not necessarily come off as strong and intimidating figures.

However, when speaking in general terms it cannot be denied that men with beautiful locks of hair are more attractive than men who are experiencing baldness. Although there are quite a few exceptions, majority of the heart throbs of Hollywood or any other place that produces good looking men have immaculate hair that women simply adore. Forget about the limelight of Hollywood. The stereotypical good looking man in real life is not usually visualized as a bald individual or someone with a receding hairline. The average prince charming needs to have a head full of hair.

This gives us ground to believe that men with hair are better boyfriends, partners or husbands than those without hair. But that might not always be the case. The very fact that bald men have no hair can turn into an advantage for them. Don’t believe us? Here are four reasons to get you on board.

1) Less Bathroom Space

Let us start on a light note. Men who are bald or have scanty hair require very limited bathroom space. If you are moving in with your guy, you do not have to worry about sharing the space around the wash basin and the mirror cabinet with the man. Other than the usual items on the shaving kit, you are unlikely to find too many grooming products. Hair styling gel, spray or mousse will definitely be of little to no use to a man who has little to no hair. Girls love their bathroom space, and that is exactly what a bald man can offer to a lady.

2) Better in Bed

There are no statistics out there to confirm that bald men are better in bed. However, think about in this way. If you consider bald men to be generally less appealing than men with hair, then these guys need to overcompensate in the bed for their lack of good looks. In other words, what they lack in their crowning jewel, they will make up for that in the sheets with you. Satisfying a woman in bed and gifting her with ultimate sexual gratification is one of the most effective ways of winning her heart and gaining a strong hold on her attention and affection.

3) Won’t Lose Hair Later

You might date a guy who has beautiful hair, but you will always be in fear of the day when your boyfriend or partner no longer has that hair that charmed on you on the first date. Male pattern baldness is very common in men. As they inch towards their 30s, they become more likely to show the effects of their heredity hair loss. Since bald men have already lost majority of their hair, dating one will mean that you do not have to watch your boyfriend go through the slow and gradual process of losing his hair strands one by one.

4) Comes Off as a Hotshot

Dating a bald man or a man with little hair gives other people the impression that you have found a real hotshot. They do not care much about the personality of your man. All they see is the looks. If they do not find him attractive, then they will come to the conclusion that your boyfriend must be really special in some other way (a socialite, a wealthy man or an intellectually gifted person) that made you fall in love with him.