Fashion Tips for Bald Men: 5 Things You Should Never Wear

Losing your hair and becoming bald is not exactly the end of the world. The loss of hair does mark a significant change in your appearance, but it does not necessarily make you any less appealing than you were before. Believe it or not, some men actually end up looking better without hair than they did with it. It is all about mustering up enough confidence and having enough self belief to pull off any bald look in the world.

That being said, men with thinning hair, bald patches or a shaved head should be very careful about the kind of fashion choices they make. It goes without saying that there some clothes and accessories that look absolutely ridiculous on men with a shining crowning jewel. If you are struggling with hair loss, you need to smarten up and find out what’s good for you to wear and the things that you should avoid under all circumstances.

Wearing the right accessories could be the difference between being called a Vin Diesel lookalike and a Dr Evil lookalike. The latter is an insult that will crush your morale. If you are in need of some fashion tips, then take a look at these five things that you should never wear as a bald man:

1) Hats

Hats are not exactly the same as caps. Caps do look good on bald men, especially when it serves a specific purpose. For example, when you are going to the stadium to watch your favourite baseball team play, it is completely normal for you to put on a cap and look the part. The cap does not have much of an effect on your bald look. Hats on the other hand can make you look like an out of place uncle who is going through a suppressed mid life crisis. Wearing hats is like inviting people to question your lack of hair and keep you bombarded with insults and jests that you would not necessarily appreciate. Furthermore, you should avoid wearing hats on hot days because it can induce alopecia or friction alopecia quite easily. Friction alopecia, as the name suggests, occurs when a particular item is constantly rubbing against your scalp. There is no shame in exposing your bald head. Get rid of the hat and be bald and beautiful.

2) A Bad Hairstyle

One of the major disadvantages of having thinning hair or suffering from impending baldness is that your hair styling options become very limited. You can’t go around doing whatever you want with your hair. There are only a few specific hairstyles that suit men with a balding head. A perfect example of that is the buzz cut. If you can pull off this look seamlessly, people wouldn’t even notice that you are balding on top. Go for any hairstyle where you get to keep the hair on the sides and the back relatively short. Growing your hair out on the sides and the back of the head exposes your baldness and makes you look repugnantly old.

3) Vibrant, Colourful Clothing

A change in hairstyle warrants a certain change in attitude. Bald men should adopt the moody, intimidating and benignly hostile attitude of some of the top Hollywood stars who have also experienced significant hair loss. You don’t see Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham being the merriest guy in the bunch. It is about keeping your reserve, being a little conservative and dressing appropriately. Do not cover yourself with vibrant, colourful clothes. Hawaii shirts are definitely off limits. You need to develop a soft corner for darker shades of colour and heavy fabrics.

4) Toupees from the 1980s

Hairpieces in general should be avoided. Toupees in particular are a big “No, No”. For those of you who are not aware of what toupees are, they are basically partial hair pieces that men can use to cover up some bald spots. The idea seems quite interesting initially, but then you stare at yourself in the mirror with a toupee on your head and realize that you are going to become the subject of mockery as soon as you head outdoors. If you feel compelled to buy toupees, then go for the premium products that are made with real human hair.

5) Spray-On-Hair

Some bald men prefer covering up their bald spots and patches by spraying coloured powders and keratin particles. You are sure to have come across commercials and infomercials for such products. They look incredibly appealing and would attract the attention of any desperate man who is struggling to deal with hair loss. In most cases, the use of spray-on-hair looks terribly artificial. You will probably end up embarrassing yourself in public by applying this product. Hence, it is better to be the way you are and embrace your hair loss.