Hair Colouring Tips for People with Pale Complexions

Hair care and skincare go hand in hand. Have you ever wondered why? Why do people who sell hair care products also turn into vendors of skincare products somewhere down the line? Hair grows out of the skin. This is something that we are all aware of. But this isn’t the only connection between the two. The way your hair looks is hugely influenced by your skin tone. People with different skin tones have different types of hair. Therefore you could only imagine why the colour of your skin is such a huge factor when deciding how to colour your hair. In other words, your skin tone and your hair colour dye needs to be in sync. If you have a particular skin tone, then there are only a few shades of colour that will suit you and make you look beautiful. If you go beyond this range, then you take the risk of making your hair look completely out of place.

Beautifying Your Pale Complexion

A lot of folks with pale skin consider changing the colour of their hair. There is nothing wrong with trying out something different and deviating from your natural appearance. In fact, applying hair colour dyes is a simple and harmless way of altering the look that you were born with. The hair colour you select will have quite an impact on how people perceive your pale skin. It can either bring out the beauty of your natural pale complexion or it can make people overlook the fact that you have a pale complexion. The choice is yours. In simpler terms, your pale skin will either light up under specific hair colours or look even paler with others. Hitting a home run when it comes balancing the skin tone and the colour of your hair is quite an intricate procedure. This article will aim to help you figure out the complexities of this procedure and guide you to hair colour dye products that will bring out the absolute best in you.

Zeroing In on a Specific Shade of Colour

People with pale skin have a wide variety of natural hair colours. Some people have brown hair, while others have blonde. This is the reason why we mentioned that it was quite a complicated procedure to pinpoint a particular shade that will look great on you. The knowledge that we are going to share with you is based on tests and trials that people with pale skin have gone through. You may not agree with all the suggestions that are mentioned in this article, but we are hopeful that you will find most of them quite helpful in your endeavour to enhance the beauty of your hair. It goes without saying that there are some hair colour dyes that work on pale skin more than others.

Brown Hair Colours

According to some experts, pale skin is the ideal skin tone for any hair colour. A lot of you may disagree with that. But there is no denying the fact that certain shades of brown beautifully match pale skin complexions. Rust and mahogany are great for warm toned skin. On the other hand, fawn and coffee tend to complement cooler tones of skin. If you can’t figure out what’s your exact skin tone, then you could always seek the counsel of a beauty expert.

Red Colours

You need to be very careful about applying the colour red on your skin. It could either produce spectacular results or it could end up being a complete disaster that is worthy of getting featured in your worst hair nightmare. If you have porcelain skin, then consider pairing it up with dark brown or deep red hair. People with a warmer skin tone should stick to rust and ginger. Don’t get all worried and apprehensive if you have a cooler tone of pale complexion. Deeper shades of red will almost always come to your rescue. You just need to be bold enough to pull it off.

Blonde Hair Colours

According to popular belief, pale complexioned people who were not gifted with blonde hair should never try to bleach their hair and give it a blonde hue. The reason why people believe in this notion of staying away from blonde shades is because they assume that the blonde hair colour will make pale complexioned people look even paler. It sounds like a pretty logical argument. In fact, we have to admit that this is true to some degree. White hair, white skin will make you look awfully pale in certain cases. But there will always be exceptions because there are so many different shades of blonde out there. This requires a long consultation with a hair colour expert, but from our research, we can conclude that cool skin tones work brilliantly with sandy platinum and sandy blondes. People with warmer skin tones can opt for golden strands and rich honey hues.