Hair Loss among Celebrities: The Bald Stars of Hollywood

One of the worst things about hair loss is that it makes you feel lonely and isolated. You don’t notice the hair on others until you start losing your own. That is when you begin to realize that you are slowly becoming different from others. Did you not always want to be unique and a standout? Of course you did. But being called baldy and being reminded of how you are growing old because you have less hair is certainly not the ways in which you intended to be unique or different. When you are feeling unsettled, uncomfortable and miserable, remind yourself that you are not the only person in the world who is suffering from hair loss problems. Sure, the fat, old and bald man who lives across the street is also experiencing hair loss problems just like you are. However, that does not mean that every person who has to deal with the hair loss predicament is ugly. If you do not believe us, then simply take a look at the bald stars of Hollywood.

When The Stars Lose their Locks

Some of the finest shinning stars of Hollywood have had to deal with the loss of hair. They had to pick up a pair of clippers or grab a razor to shave off their beautiful heads. This is applicable for both male and female celebrities. Think of stars such as Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Danai Gurira and the others who go around flaunting their smooth and shiny crowning jewels. There are many others who have gotten rid of their locks for charity, in an effort to cast personal demons away or to make their movie characters more appealing. Examples of such actors include Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor and Britney Spears. These celebrities are the living, breathing examples of how bald can be beautiful.

Is Bald Always Beautiful?

Even though baldness is not an emblem of ugliness, it has to be said that there many people around the world who do not exactly look like stars without their hair. As a matter of fact, most people would feel that they look quite incomplete and unpleasant when their hair begins to disappear. The emotional implications of hair loss can range from slightly irritating to completely devastating. Some people have their self confidence, self esteem and morale crushed every time a hair strand is lost from the scalp. Some psychologists believe that men have it much easier than women, which is evidently true. As a man, you can afford to shave off your head, work on the rest of your body and go around looking like a hot and hunky Vin Diesel lookalike. What about the women? Britney Spears and Charlize Theron may have looked stunning without hair, but that does not exactly mean that you are going to look the part as well. This is why a lot of women resort to hair pieces and wigs to deal with the emotional trauma of losing their hair.

How Do the Celebrities Do It?

This is a very valid question indeed. Why is it that every time a celebrity decides to get rid of the locks, they look absolutely spectacular (with the exception of a few such as Adam Levine), while ordinary men and women end up looking quite awkward and hilarious without their hair? The key to looking good without your hair lies in your level of confident. How confident you are with your appearance will determine how well you exhibit your baldness. You need to embrace your baldness and flaunt it off in order for others to appreciate it and be amazed by it. You need to make them feel as though it is normal and natural for you to not have any hair. Take a look at Jason Statham. Do you think that this man would have been half as badass as he is today if he had a head full of hair? Not really. The absence of hair is what makes him the fierce, bold and intimidating character that he is in the movies. If you can develop the confidence needed to sport a bald look, then you will never be worried about facing embarrassment in public. The way you perceive your hair has a major influence on how others will perceive your overall appearance.

Hollywood Stars take their Hair Very Seriously

Is confidence the only thing that sets Hollywood actors apart from everybody else? Well, there is a lot more to it. For starters, these actors are very meticulous about how their hair looks on screen. Even if they have very little hair on their heads, they will still appoint a lavishly paid hair stylist to make sure that their shaved head or buzz cut is on point. You could do the same by taking frequent trips to the barber shop. Get your hair stylist busy and work on a “bald look” that would look perfect on you.