Hair Loss in Young Men is A Very Serious Problem

Hair Loss in Young Men is A Very Serious Problem

Popular belief states that hair loss is something that is associated with aging. Therefore, people make the assumption that only middle aged men or senior citizens can suffer from hair loss. This is not true at all. Hair loss can take place in males as early as the initial months following puberty. This is the reason why you are likely to come across men who are balding even before they have reached the legal drinking age of 21. Balding at such a young age is not a bizarre condition, but it is one that takes a toll on the mind of young men. Premature balding is both emotionally and medically a serious problem. As a result, many young men and adolescent boys struggle to cope with the overbearing challenges of hair loss.

The Shock of Premature Hair Loss

If a young man suffers from hair loss before the age of 21, he is expected to be in a state of shock. The modern society is structured to make people believe that they must fit in with others in the community in order to gain acceptance. Balding at such a young age makes a young man feel left out from the society. It can lead to the development of depression and force the man to think that he is an isolated entity. The emotional consequences of losing hair at an early age are very serious and should be managed with the help of an expert psychologist or psychotherapist.

Receding Hairline and Thinning Hair

The first sign of hair loss is the thinning or the shrinking of the hair follicle. For instance, if a boy starts balding at the age of 15, he will not immediately notice huge bald spots or patches on his head. Instead, he will realize that there are a lot more hair strands on his pillow, book pages, laptop and wash basin than they ever were before. He will also observe the fact that the quality of his hair has significantly gone down, meaning that his hair is no longer as thick and strong as it used to be before. Within a couple of years, it will become quite evident than the young man is developing a receding hairline, which will continue to grow at a steady pace.

Why Does Premature Balding Take Place?

There are a number of reasons for which a young man might suffer from hair loss. More often than not, the culprit is male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a condition which has a strong genetic disposition. This means that unfavourable genes passed on to the child from either parent or both can result in premature balding. Any person who carries the unfavourable balding gene is more likely to suffer from hair loss than a person who does not. There is no direct cure for male pattern baldness. The only thing that can be done to help a person in this situation is find out ways in which male pattern baldness can be slowed down. The progression of hair loss can also be stopped with the help of advanced herbal treatments.

Should Young Men Undergo Hair Restoration Treatments?

Hair restoration treatments should not be the priority for young men who are experiencing an acute case of male pattern baldness. It is important for the parents of the under-aged victim of hair loss to realize that growing back hair instantaneously is not possible, regardless of how promising the miracle cures advertised on television might sound. Regeneration of hair growth cannot be achieved overnight. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and in certain cases, a lot of money.

Therefore, instead of seeking a magical potion that will make the receding hair lines disappear and cover up the bald spots on the head of an 18 year old boy, parents should look to resort to herbal remedies. These herbal remedies are known to gradually reverse the effects of balding and enhance the growth of hair. They will not take effect in a span of 24 hours, as is supposedly the case with so many “technologically advanced” anti-hair loss commercial products, but they will surely bring about an improvement in the hair loss condition over an extended period of time.

Besides exposing young men to the side effects associated with the use of commercial products is not a risk worth taking.

Reducing the Rate of Hair Loss

If the rate of hair loss is too high in a young man, then the best option for him is to seek the counsel of a professional hair loss consultant. There, he will be able to find out whether his lifestyle choices are aggravating the effects of male pattern baldness. Living a life full of stress, having a diet that lacks ample nutrition or being a chronic masturbator could all contribute to increasing the severity of hair loss.