Hair Loss Prevention Remedies that are Designed for Men

Hair Loss Prevention Remedies that are Designed for Men

When we talk about hair loss prevention remedies, we go on and on about the use of aromatherapy and how it can help revive hair growth and prevent hair loss in women. Very rarely do we shed light on the subject of natural hair loss remedies for men. It is almost as if hair loss treatments that are based on medication and surgical procedures are reserved for men, while the women get to enjoy the safe and effective natural hair loss remedies. Perhaps this is the reason why men end up suffering from maltreatment of hair loss which further aggravates their hair loss problem.

The Disturbing Case of Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s hair loss is as disturbing (if not more) as women’s hair loss. In fact, hair loss is a subject that a lot of men are uncomfortable to talk about. You will see women constantly mentioning their hair fall without facing much fear of embarrassment. However, when it comes to men, hair loss conversations always have a hint of humiliation and dejection. This is probably because a lot of men simply embrace the fact that they have to go bald at one stage of their life or the other. As a result, men who start losing hair in their 20s or 30s, see it as a loss of youthful nature and personal virility. Some men would actually prefer removing all of their hair as opposed to keeping some of it.

But there is no need for men to become so miserable and resentful at their baldness. There are plenty of options available for them to try out. Why should women enjoy all the hair loss solutions? Handling hair loss is a personal struggle, but it can be much easier if you resort to a specific hair loss prevention or treatment strategy.

Stress Relief Can Be a Natural Remedy to Hair Loss

According to recent studies, stress is a major contributor to a number of different disorders in the body. Therefore, the fact that stress and hair loss (which is a medical disorder) are strongly related should not come as a surprise for many of us. Stress does not always have to be work related. Sometimes, stress can be traumatic. For example, if you are suffering from bereavement, then you are likely to expose yourself to an immense amount of stress. Such high levels of stress can have detrimental effects on the health of your hair. This often leads to the greying of hair or the falling of hair.

Thus, it is essential for men to come up with ways to reduce stress, since they are more likely to get into depression because of it than women are. If elevated stress levels persist in the form of depression, then hair loss will become a long term problem. Taking time off to relax and relieve stress is a simple natural remedy to hair loss. There are a number of different avenues to let go of stress. You just need to find one that you are most comfortable with.

Natural Hair Care Products Are Better Than Those with Synthetic Chemicals

There are a number of different chemicals on your head that could be enhancing the rate of hair loss. While women are usually very meticulous about selecting hair care products, men are not even sure of what they put on their hair on a regular basis. Using hair care products such as mousse, shampoo and conditioners that contain strong synthetic chemicals can damage your hair beyond repair and lead to significant hair loss. Even if you are not using these products personally, you could still expose your hair to them when you are visiting a salon for a haircut.

As a man, you are highly recommended to make use of nothing other than a mild conditioner and a hair cleanser. You are also strongly advised to use natural hair conditioners that contain minimum amounts of synthetic chemicals. Switching to a natural product always yields dividends for men’s hair, especially when it is reacting badly to a certain chemical. These products could actually serve as a natural hair loss remedy, provided you select the right merchandise. If you happen to come across a good hair conditioner that is enriched with Aloe Vera, buy it without having a second thought. Aloe Vera is one of the most useful herbs when it comes to fighting hair loss.

Massaging Hair With Lavender Essential Oil

You do not have to resort to medications such as Rogaine to fix your hair loss problem. You must have seen plenty of female oriented hair care products that are incorporated with Lavender essential oil. It’s high time you should know that Lavender oil is as good for men’s hair as it is for women’s hair. In your free time, massage your hair with this essential oil. All you need is three minutes of massaging to improve your hair growth and reduce your hair fall. The oil massage can also help you relieve stress, so you will end up hitting two birds with one stone. Remember, grooming your hair will not make you any less of a man!