Have you tried biotin for hair growth yet

Have You Tried Biotin for Hair Growth Yet?

From the moment you notice that you are suffering from hair loss, you need to become a very proactive person. Do not wait for the bald patches on your head to tell you what to do. This is not the time to be a reactive, helpless and desperate solution seeker who simply cannot catch a break. You need to go out there and confidently look for options that will help you prevent hair loss and grow your hair back as quickly as you possibly can. The longer you delay, the lower are your chances of ever regaining your old, glorious and fabulous hairstyle.

A Popular Choice for Hair Growth

As far as growing your hair back is concerned, one of the more popular options that you can look at is biotin. If you are the kind of person who is reluctant to use artificial and synthetic hair care products, then biotin should definitely be in your short list of hair regeneration items. This product is very heavily used in hair loss treatments. As a matter of fact, many of the most popular hair care products are enriched with biotin so that customers can have more faith in the efficacy of these products. Biotin offers you a natural way of growing your hair back after you have already entered a phase of hair loss and balding.

An Easily Available Inexpensive Natural Product

Unlike a lot of natural products that are hard to avail, biotin is very easily available to all those who need it. It is also a very inexpensive natural product, which means that you do not have to drain your wallet in order to restore your lovely locks. To find out whether this product is suitable for your hair loss prevention endeavours, you need to garner as much knowledge as you can about this product. Read on to discover more about this amazing natural product that is used around the world to treat hair loss disorders.

How Does Biotin Work?

Biotin by definition is a natural vitamin that has been known for years to be conducive to hair growth and hair regeneration. It is a part of the Vitamin B family and is soluble in water. Perhaps that is the reason why it is infused in a number of liquid hair care products such as shampoos. The other name for biotin, especially the type that favours hair growth, is “H” vitamin. It helps to mobilize fats, carbohydrates as well as proteins. When there is a deficiency of biotin in the body, people tend to suffer from hair loss. This is because biotin is essential in cell proliferation.

When biotin is ingested, it reacts with the enzymes of the cells and plays a highly important role in the production of sufficient quantities of amino acids. For those of you who are unaware, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are needed to sustain hair growth and maintain the health of hair since hair is made up of keratin (a form of protein). Therefore, if your diet consists of foods that are rich in biotin, chances are that your hair growth rate will increase. Making your hair growth a fast pace is the best way to make sure that the effects of hair loss and balding are not felt.

Suggested Daily Intake of Biotin

You should be careful about the amount of biotin that goes into your body. Biotin in inadequate amounts can compromise the health of your hair as well as that of your body. The suggested biotin intake for males and females who are above the age of 19 is 30 mcg. This rule does not apply to nursing females, who are recommended to consume approximately 35 mcg of biotin. As far as going overboard with biotin consumption is concerned, there is not much for you to worry about. Research suggests that a heavy intake or an excessive intake of biotin does not hold any potential harm for the human body. As a matter of fact, it is believed that adults can consume up to 300,000 mcg of biotin per day without suffering from any adverse side effects. That being said, you are strongly advised to not consume more biotin than the recommended daily dosage.

Having Biotin is not Enough

To give your hair a chance to grow at a healthy rate and cover up those bald patches in quick time, you need to do a lot more than simply stock up on biotin supplements or biotin rich foods. Daily biotin consumption should be accompanied by a genuine effort to reduce stress levels and improving hair and scalp cleanliness. You should also focus on having a diet that comprises mainly of nutritious and healthy meals. This is the best way to maximize the growth potential of a person’s hair.