Honey The Perfect Natural Cure for Hair Loss

Honey: The Perfect Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

People who suffer from hair loss look for all kinds of commercial synthetic products in the market to save themselves from the embarrassment of going bald. The variety of products that are available in the market is huge. Each product claims to have a unique formula to reverse the effects of hair loss. Most consumers who have spent their hard earned money on these commercial hair care products will tell you that they made bad investments. Commercial synthetic products are hard to rely on. Sometimes, the remedy for hair loss lies in the wonderful products of Mother Nature. One such natural product is honey.

An Ancient Cure for Hair Loss

The fact that honey can actually work as a remedy for hair loss is not a recent discovery. In fact, honey has been used as a prevention and cure for hair loss since the ancient times. That being said, very few people in the world today are aware of the effectiveness of honey when it comes to combating hair loss. The regular use of honey treatment can actually cause the hair to “waken up”. In other words, the presence of honey on the scalp can actually revitalize the hair. Think of it as honey giving your hair a new life to build upon. Research has proven that that honey has the ability to make hair follicles healthier. This leads to the sustained growth of your hair and the minimization of hair loss.

The Numerous Causes of Hair Loss

There are many different causes of hair loss. Knowing about some of the major causes will help you obtain a clear understanding of how honey can bring about a positive change in your appearance and prevent your hair from thinning out. Hair loss is often the result of fungal infections that occur in the scalp. It can also be the result of unfavourable medications such as antidepressants and high blood pressure medication. Some people tend to lose large amounts of hair right after a surgery. Hormonal imbalance is one of the leading causes of hair loss and it affects those who struggle to maintain discipline in their lives. Cancer patients undergo chemotherapy which is notorious for causing complete hair loss in the human body. Sometimes hair loss can be a result of age and genetic factors.

As you can clearly see, the list of causes for hair loss seems to go on and on. Thankfully, honey has the potential to take care of your hair loss and act as the perfect remedy for it regardless of the root cause of the problem.

How Honey Prevents Hair Damage

You might be asking, why does honey work incredibly well as a hair loss remedy? The answer to that question is quite simple in fact. Honey contains humectants properties. For those of you who are not aware of what humectants properties are, these are the features that give honey the capability to prevent hair from becoming damaged or dry.

Dry and damaged hair is most vulnerable to leaving the scalp and consequently turning you bald. As long as you can prevent your hair from drying out or getting damaged, you are giving yourself a great chance to salvage the flock of hair on your head. As you must be aware, honey contains sugar in large quantities. This high sugar content of the honey prevents your hair from losing its moisture. If the hair is kept moisturized, then dryness cannot settle in. As a result, hair follicles are not damaged and kept deeply rooted to your scalp. It is not only the sugar in the honey that works wonders.

Honey also contains a number of different antioxidant, fungicidal and germicidal properties which allow it to keep your hair free from bacterial and fungal infection. In other words, your hair is kept clean, nourished and well moisturized. When your hair is in such a healthy condition, you will most likely not face the problem of hair loss.

Honey Hair Loss Remedy Treatment with Olive and Rosemary Oil

Perhaps the reason why honey is not used more often to prevent hair loss or cure it is because many people are not comfortable with the idea of having sticky honey smeared on their hair. As repugnant as this treatment may sound, it is completely worth the effort for most people. To accentuate the effectiveness of honey as a remedy of hair loss, you can combine it with olive oil and rosemary in specific amounts. Three to four tablespoons of honey combined with two table spoons of olive oil and three drops of rosemary oil should do the trick. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. You can use normal shampoo to wash off the film of honey, olive oil and rosemary oil.