How Should People with a Brown Complexion Colour their Hair?

A lot of people are under the impression that hair colouring is an activity that suits people with pale complexions more than it suits people with darker skin tones. This is not true at all. Applying hair colour dye on your hair will not make your brown skin look unpleasant or weird. That being said, if you end up making the wrong hair dye selections, you can ruin your appearance to a certain extent. In this article, you will learn how not to tarnish your image and always choose the hair colour dyes that complement your complexion.

Not All Brown Skinned People Have Black Hair

Your skin colour or your complexion is something that is determined by genetics, as is the case with nearly every feature of your appearance. Many people make the assumption that Latinos and South Asians are the only people with brown skin. People of other ethnicities and races such as those from the Caribbean, Africa and South/North America can have beautiful brown skin as well. It is a very obvious fact that most people with brown skin have either brown hair or black hair. However, there are some exceptions to the brown and black rule. It would not be a miracle for you to come across brown skinned people with naturally blonde or red hair. Take for example the people of Solomon Islands. Although they have dark skin, they have unusual natural blonde curls.

The Fears of the Average Brown Skinned Woman

The average brown complexioned woman is very apprehensive about getting her hair coloured. She thinks of hair colour dyes as products that are reserved for people with paler complexions. This is not true at all. If you are a brown skin woman who wants to alter the colour of her hair, then you should be at liberty to do so. Don’t worry about what can go wrong. Instead, focus on how you can make things right. A dye job does not have to look natural. That’s not the goal for people who colour their hair green and purple. You just need to make sure that the hair colour you have chosen complements your facial and physical features beautifully.

Are There Any Rules for Colouring Your Hair?

Are there any right or wrong hair dyes? Well, to be politically correct, everyone is free to colour their hair the way they want. It is not necessary for you to always take your skin tone or complexion into consideration. However, if you want to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends and if you want to fetch some wonderful compliments from people (instead of surprised/obnoxious looks), then you better do you research on the compatibility between brown skin colour and different hues of hair dye.

Shades of Blonde to Be Avoided

Women with a brown complexion are strongly recommended to try out blonde hair colours or high lights. That being said, you need to think before you make your moves so that you always pick the ideal shades of blonde. The word blonde has become very vague in recent times. Most people can’t even recognize the various hues of blonde that are out there. You need to be able to identify most of the shades of blonde, if not all, in order to pick the right one for your hair. If you believe that doing this is too much work for you, then you could always invest your money on a hair colour expert who will offer you professional help with this selection predicament. According to what some experts are saying, brown skinned women should avoid applying a platinum blonde dye or blonde dyes with white and orange undertones as these are known to make their hair look quite unnatural. Once again, we would like to remind you that there really isn’t anything wrong with applying a hair colour dye that makes your hair look slightly unnatural, but this won’t help you receive too many compliments from people. While we are on this subject, it is worth the mention that ash blondes will not complement the brown skin or darker complexions.

Maroon, Teal and Dark Green Are Terrific Choices

Red hair dye can be a great choice for women with brown skin. Maroon shades are perfect for both darker and lighter brown complexions. Women with darker skin tones could also opt for dark green highlights or teal highlights. The idea is to go for rich, deeper shades. The one colour that you should really avoid is the flaming fiery red. Unless you are a punk rock artist, there is no way that people will love the fiery red hair dye on a brown skinned woman. With this being said, you should realize that extremely bright or vibrant colours will not people with a brown complexion, especially those with cooler skin tones.