How to Be Bald, Bold and Beautiful

You could never understand the struggle and torment of impending baldness unless you experience hair loss. People take their hair for granted. This is why they only realize how important hair is to them when they begin to lose it. Hair loss can have devastating effects on your psyche and state of mind. The thought of going bald and being publicly shamed for it can overcome you with fear, panic and horror. This is why people who are suffering from hair loss are often seen frantically looking for instant cures to their hair condition. Unfortunately for them, there is no such thing as an overnight cure for hair loss. There is however a plethora of hair loss treatments that you can find in the market. Some of them are based on natural hair loss remedies of the ancient times. Others are the result of advances in medical science and chemistry. Then again, there are some surgical hair restoration procedures which can be considered as a high risk and high reward treatment for this condition. Before you start wrapping your head around all these various hair loss treatments, you should at first, learn how to accept your hair loss. Once you are able to do that, taking care of your hair loss becomes a whole lot easier.

Beauty: As Portrayed by the Media

In order to embrace your baldness and your hair loss condition, you need to develop a healthy concept of beauty. Now is the perfect time to quote the old adage, “beauty comes from within”. This means that unless you accept that you are beautiful, other people are not going to appreciate your outward appearance. The media sets the tone as far as beauty standards are concerned. It hurls images that we try to replicate. The perfect figure, a chiselled physique and flawless facial features are just some of the things that the media makes us worship. There is nothing wrong in admiring someone with a great body, but that should not give you the license to look down upon those who have a less than perfect body, including yourself. Just because you do not look as appealing as the model that is always on television does not mean that you are any less than him or her. You too could be just as beautiful and impressive if only you harboured the belief that you are more than what people make of you.

What Do You Understand by Beauty?

The media generated gods of beauty all have stunning and mesmerizing hair. This makes those who are suffering from hair loss think that they are lagging behind in the looks department. You need to understand that regular people cannot meet, let alone exceed, the beauty standards set by the media. In fact, those are not the standards of beauty that you should be aiming for. It is high time for you to realize that you need to come up with your own brand of beauty. You need to give beauty your own meaning. You need to find a way to define beauty for yourself.

The Extra Pressure on Those Who Suffer From Hair Loss

If you have been keeping tabs on the recent events in the world of fashion, you would have picked up on the modern trend of glorifying plus sized models. In other words, people are being made to develop a soft corner for society representatives who are not exactly thin or anorexic. This is, in many ways, a positive change. However, as a person who suffers from hair loss, you would have every right to believe that the media does not pay enough attention to those who are struggling with baldness. Even those plus sized models seem to have incredibly good looking hair. It is going to quite a while before they have women and men with thinning hair modelling for the biggest fashion brands in the world. Till then, you simply need to readjust your attitude towards yourself and give yourself good reasons to believe that your hair loss condition isn’t taking anything away from your outward or inner beauty.

The Key is to Stay Positive

Sure, there is a bit of extra pressure on your shoulders. However, if you can cope with this pressure, you are going to become one of the strongest individuals in the world. Once that happens, no one can crush your morale or break your self confidence by calling you a baldy or an ugly duckling in public. Besides, you do not have to stay bald forever. As mentioned before, there are plenty of treatments available in the market for you to try. Work on those treatments, especially the ones that use natural ingredients (they are highly effective and involve minimal side effects). Just make sure that you are treating your hair loss in a positive frame of mind. Staying positive enhances recovery.