Is Hair Loss a Cosmetic Problem or a Symptom of a Medical Disorder?

Is Hair Loss a Cosmetic Problem or a Symptom of a Medical Disorder?

The hair care industry is a billion dollar business. As such, it has the ability to influence the minds of the consumer to a great extent. The way in which hair loss is portrayed in the media through hair care product commercials and advertisements, it almost seems fair to say that hair loss is nothing more than a cosmetic problem that can be easily solved by the use of a few fancy products. This is not true at all. Before you can address and treat your hair loss problem, you need to understand that hair loss is not a cosmetic issue. There are some people who do not seem to be bothered by hair loss, but that does not mean anyone deserves to have hair loss. You should also realize that spending money on products is not exactly the ideal solution to your hair loss predicament.

Is Hair Loss a Telltale Sign of Illness?

If you dismiss hair loss as a cosmetic problem, then you are starting off your hair loss treatment on the wrong foot. Hair loss can be seen as an early telltale sign of impending illness. If there is a change in the hair of your scalp, then your body is perhaps trying to tell you that there is something wrong with it and that you need to pay attention to your health as soon as possible. This is not fiction or fantasy. The body is known to reveal warning signs to patients well before an illness reveals itself. In this case, it is essential for you to acquire proper knowledge about hair loss to understand whether or not it can turn out to be symptom of a far more serious medical disorder.

Hair Loss as an Indicator of Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

The condition of your hair can be an indication of your physical wellbeing as well as your emotional wellbeing. This means that there is a lot that can be learnt from hair loss. A person who is physically or emotionally distressed or ill can have hair that becomes dull and lifeless. This physical or emotional illness can actually lead to hair loss in the long run. When we talk about emotional illnesses, we refer to conditions such as severe stress or chronic depression, both of which have been linked to hair loss by many researchers over the years. If you take a look at traditional Chinese medicine, you will realize that there are health care experts in the world who consider hair loss to be a very important indicator of the wellbeing of one’s internal system.

Hair Loss is a Symptom of Several Medical Disorders

Today, research has given us ground to believe that hair loss is a symptom of a number of medical disorders. If you take hair loss seriously during the onset of the illness or the early stages of a medical disorder, then you will improve your chances of actually recovering from it earlier than expected. It is also worth noting that such forms of hair loss are usually temporary and can be reversed once you have pinpointed the exact cause of the hair loss. As you can see, it is all about having the right information on hair loss and knowing what to do with that information.

A Case Study For You to Reflect On

An example of hair loss as an early symptom of a looming medical disorder was documented in the year 1989 (that is 26 years ago!) in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine. The case revolved around a 40 year old female who was undergoing chronic diffuse hair loss that was accompanied by no other symptom. After going through this problem for about six months, she suffered an attack of ulcerative colitis. Fortunately, she received proper treatment, was able to recover and remained in good condition for about eighteen months following the initial attack. During this period of time, the loss of hair on her scalp had noticeably decreased. The second attack of ulcerative colitis that she had sustained was also preceded by a prolonged period of significant hair loss. From that moment onwards, the doctors began taking her hair loss seriously and used it as an indicator to kick start preventive measures for future attacks of ulcerative colitis.

Does Hair Loss Precede Other Medical Disorders?

The ulcerative colitis case was a simple example of how hair loss can precede a medical disorder. As for other examples, you can consider gastrointestinal problems such as Chron’s Disease and Celiac Disease as two other medical conditions where hair loss serves as a telltale sign. Malnourishment is also often preceded by hair loss. Furthermore, hair loss can be an indicator for any type of adrenal gland imbalance in the body. Last but not the least, thyroid problems are often associated with significant hair loss.