Is Scalp Micropigmentation the New Permanent Hair Loss Solution?

Is Scalp Micropigmentation the New Permanent Hair Loss Solution?

In the last 30 years or so, medical science has been speeding up a steep ramp of improvement. Ailments, disorders, diseases and illnesses that were previously thought to be untreatable now have proper cures and treatments. Surgical procedures that were deemed too dangerous to be performed are now being carried out with relative ease. Examinations and diagnosis of conditions that were hitherto unknown are being done today at an incredible frequency.

Is There a Cure For Hair Loss?

All of these and more highlight the impressive progress that physicians and researchers working in the field of medicine have made in the more recent chapters of human history. Despite the numerous advancements that we have witnessed, human beings are still struggling to come up with a reasonable solution for a simple problem that has nagged them since the dawn of time. This problem is hair loss. For years, decades and centuries, people have tried to come up with a definite cure for hair loss. We have come close many a times, but we are yet to stumble upon something that can help us claim that balding will no longer be an issue in the life of any man, woman or child.

There are many remedies out there. Some are quite good, such as the herbal remedies. Others are simply a waste of time. Then you have complicated surgical procedures that could prove to be dangerous. Despite the numerous options for hair loss treatment, it is still not possible for us to believe that there is an all encompassing, affordable and instantaneous cure for hair loss.

Could Scalp Micropigmentation be the Answer?

In the light of the current circumstances where people have grown sick and tired of being disappointed with commercial anti-hair loss products, researchers are toiling away to create, present and implement innovate hair loss treatments. According to some experts, the perfect treatment may already be here in the form of scalp micropigmentation.

The Desired Effect of Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are not familiar with scalp micropigmentation, then you are likely to find this hair loss solution quite bizarre. This is because scalp micropigmentation is basically a scalp tattoo treatment. Yes, we know it sounds weird. Bear with us, because it will be quite a complicated issue for you to grasp. Before we go into the science of scalp micropigmentation, we need to first understand the overall effect that a successful scalp micropigmentation procedure hopes to achieve.

In simple terms, scalp micropigmentation is a process where the objective is to change the appearance of your scalp for the better. This is particularly suitable for those who are in the severe stages of hair loss and have extremely large bald patches or bald spots which cannot be hidden with the assistance of any fancy hairstyles. In other words, scalp micropigmentation is aimed at those who are in dire straits with their hair loss predicament. When you undergo scalp micropigmentation, your head will look as if it has been recently shaved or given a buzz cut. Is the complete effect convincing? Well, that depends on how efficacious the procedure turns out to be. If things go really well, then you might just end up looking neat and stylish, especially when the micropigmentation is complemented by short stubble of hair.

How Is Scalp Micropigmentation Carried Out?

Undergoing scalp micropigmentation is very similar to getting a scalp tattoo. Dots, resembling hair follicles are placed on your scalp. This creates the illusion that you have a dense flock of hair follicles on your scalp. In a single session of scalp micropigmentation, a myriad of needle angles, colour, penetration depths and needle thickness are used in order to make the tattoo look as natural as possible. The aesthetic appeal of this tattoo has to be flawless in order for the entire scalp micropigmentation to be a success. Simply “drawing” hair follicles on your head is not good enough. It will make the entire scalp look ridiculously awkward and will turn you into a subject of public mockery.

Is It the Same as Getting a Tattoo?

This is where a lot of people have a skewed image of scalp micropigmentation. Although it is similar to getting a tattoo, this procedure is not the same as getting a tattoo. In conventional tattooing, heavier gauge needles are used and the ink is embedded further into the skin. Furthermore, the ink used in scalp micropigmentation is a lot different from the ones used in traditional tattooing. The equipment and the ink are specially crafted so that the longevity of the fake hair follicles is ensured. It is not merely a modification of traditional tattooing, but rather a special medical procedure of its own.

Scalp micropigmentation is relatively safe, can be customized and produces immediate results when successful. However, at a price tag of $3000- $4000, this is not a feasible hair loss treatment for most people.