Is Stress Causing You to Lose Your Hair? Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Stop It

Most people who have a busy urban life have to bear the burden of stress on a daily basis. A few decades ago, stress was no more than a simple problem that could be easily taken care of. Today, stress has become a killer. The worst thing about stress is that it affects individuals in a number of different ways. It can literally trigger illnesses and diseases in people who were hitherto perfectly healthy. It can also cause you to end up losing your hair.

You may not be aware of this, but stress is one of the major reasons why people in America are going bald. It seems as though there is no escaping stress or baldness. Some believe that stress has affected human beings since ancient times. Others think of it as a modern problem that came into being due to the rise in capitalism, rise in costs and rise in materialism. Demanding careers and extensive academic courses are also responsible for people being challenged with stress and consequently losing their hair at a much faster rate than their ancestors did.

Stress can give birth to different types of hair loss disorders. The most notable of them all is telogen effluvium. This hair loss disorder occurs when a person is faced with extreme levels of stress. Financial worries, bereavement, career troubles, divorce, relationship problems, and childbirth could all lead to telogen effluvium in an individual. Telogen effluvium is not easy to self diagnose as the hair loss can begin weeks or even months after the stressful event has taken place.

If you think that you are losing your hair because of telogen effluvium or any other stress related disorder, then you should immediately take some steps to lower the stress level in your life and slow down the progression of hair loss:

1) Consult a Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes, managing stress is too steep a mountain for you to climb. At times like these, you need to resort to professional help. There is no shame in seeing a clinical psychologist. A clinical psychologist is a trained professional who can help you manage the stress in your life to a great extent. Sure, the “shrink” is going to solve all the problems in your life. However, with his or her advice, you will be in a much better position to tackle life’s challenges. When you do, your stress levels will go down significantly and your hair loss may become less of a problem than it was before.

2) Writing

There is scientific evidence to prove that voluntary writing can go a long way in relaxing your mind and alleviating your stress. When you decide to keep a journal or maintain any sort of record of your life, you start looking at your life from a completely different perspective. This allows you to figure out what’s wrong with your life and gives you an opportunity to become more organized. Experts believe that expressing your emotions, thoughts and opinions in a small journal could be a cathartic means of handing stress and the hair fall problems that are related to it.

3) Yoga

People who practise yoga can confirm the belief that this ancient exercise and breathing ritual makes people less vulnerable to hair loss. It is all about calming down your nerves and improving the blood circulation in your body. Exercise improves the blood circulation near the scalp region. This allows the blood to supply the hair follicles with all the nutrients required for continued growth. Yoga is also a great tool to deal with stress. Once the stress gets kicked out of your life, you wouldn’t have to worry about going bald at a rapid rate.

4) Distract Yourself From Stress Inducing Thoughts

“Am I going bald?” “What will people think of my bald spots?” “Will my hair loss cost me my promotion?” Thoughts such as these should not occupy your mind. Stress and hair loss can team up to form a vicious cycle. Stress causes hair loss and hair loss returns the favour by injecting more stress in your mind. Once you are under the care of a reputable hair loss consultant, you should simply focus on taking good care of your hair and regularly applying treatments/remedies that actually work. Do not allow negativity to creep into your mind. It will only serve to demoralize you.

5) Spa Treatments

If you have money to spare, then don’t keep saving it like a hoarder. You need to realize the importance of a bit of indulgence in a busy life. If you do not pamper yourself from time to time, you will lose the motivation to trudge through the rocky road of life. Hence, take time off to visit a hair salon or a spa. An hour long session of massage on the weekend will revitalize you for the upcoming hectic week.