Is There a Connection Between Coffee and Hair Loss? Time to Unveil the Truth

Is There a Connection Between Coffee and Hair Loss? Time to Unveil the Truth

Coffee, in simple terms, is one of the most cherished drinks in the world. The manner in which coffee is cherished varies from one individual to the other. For some, coffee is merely an indulgence. For example, a cup of steaming mocha can warm up your body and lift your spirits during a chilly and snowy night in winter. On the other hand, coffee is seen as a daily necessity by many people around the world. For instance, one of the first things that people desire when they wake up early in the morning is a shot of espresso that gives them the energy boost needed to trudge on with work for the rest of the day.

Is Coffee Always Good for Your Body?

The popularity of coffee cannot be stressed enough in words. For many centuries, coffee had been drunk without anyone asking any questions about it. Caffeine is a legal drug in nearly every known part of the world. That being said, the popularity of coffee did little to deter some researchers from conducting extensive studies on the ill effects of drinking coffee. Yes, to the surprise of many, coffee can harm the human body in certain ways. Overdosing on coffee is never a good idea, regardless of how worn out or exhausted you may be. Since caffeine is a drug, caffeine overdose is a real condition that can have several implications on the body. Drinking coffee once, twice or even thrice a day should not be a problem (depending on how concentrated the coffee is). However, if you exceed a certain daily consumption limit, then you are signing up for quite a few disorders. One of these disorders could actually be hair loss.

The Connection Between Coffee and Hair Loss

For quite some time, there have been speculations running around in the internet about a possible connection between coffee/caffeine and hair loss. It is now time to put an end to all those speculations and find out for real whether or not drinking coffee can cause the thinning of hair. Right about now, coffee drinkers and coffee aficionados can breathe a deep sigh of relief since coffee or caffeine is not known to trigger hair loss of any kind. As a matter of fact, coffee lovers will be delighted to know that caffeine can actually be a good thing for your hair. In accordance to reports published by the Internal Journal of Dermatology, caffeine is proven to be a stimulator of human hair growth.

The Caffeine and Hair Follicle Experiment

An experiment was conducted where two doctors took biopsies of the scalps of 14 men who were going through the initial stages of hair loss. The men participating in the scientific experiment allowed the doctors to expose their hair follicles to a few different types of solutions, each of which contained a different concentration of caffeine. This experiment continued for a period of 8 days. At the end of this period, the hairs that were exposed to solutions containing high concentrations of caffeine showcased signs of enhanced growth. In other words, it became quite clear that that increasing the level of caffeine in the body, especially near the scalp region can actually streamline the growth of hair. In fact, pure coffee that contains caffeine in the highest proportion has great potential to drastically increase the rate of hair growth.

How Does Caffeine Contribute to Hair Growth?

The following information was collected from an article published by the International Journal of Trichology (the word Trichology is derived from Dermatology and refers to the specialized field of study that deals with hair and scalp) in the July-Sept 2012 issue. “newer advances have shown caffeine to have beneficial effects in patients suffering from [Androgenetic alopecia] AGA. The proposed mechanism which would counteract DHT-induced miniaturization of the hair follicle includes inhibition of phosphodiesterase by caffeine, which increases cAMP levels in cells, therefore promotes proliferation by stimulating cell metabolism.”

This information collected from the International Journal of Trichology should give you a clear idea of how caffeine can contribute to the augmentation of hair growth. It is a rather simple process when you think about it.

Should You Increase Your Coffee Consumption?

Increasing your coffee consumption will not really help you attain significant hair growth unless you are willing to gulp down 60 cups of coffee a day (which will cause your heart to stop). However, you may consider applying coffee topically on your hair as it can be beneficial in the promotion of hair growth. There are actually a few different hair products out there that are infused with shampoo. It looks like the hair care industry is already exploiting the connection between coffee and enhanced hair growth. You should also bear in mind that increased consumption of coffee can contribute to the elevation of stress levels. Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss.