Is There a Connection Between High Blood Sugar and Hair Loss?

Hair loss and an unacceptably high blood sugar level is probably the worst combination that you can think of for men. The life of a person who has a high blood sugar level or is a diabetic is restricted in a number of ways. Not only are you prohibited from binging on your favourite sweet treats, you need to also get lower the amount of carbohydrates from your diet which can be a big problem for people who love to have an ample amount of pasta or rice on their plate. As for the person who is suffering from hair loss, there are plenty of psychological and physical demons that they have to deal with on a daily basis. If the horror of multiple hair strands stuck on your finger was not enough, you have to listen to people make constant remarks about the bald patches your head. Not all of those remarks stem from ill intentions. However, most of them are hurtful to say the least. If you happen to have both a high blood sugar level and dwindling hair locks, then there is something for you to be worried about. This is because experts strongly believe that there is a connection between the two conditions.

Rushing To a Solution

If you want to treat hair loss, you have to come up with a proper diagnosis for it. In other words, you need to figure out exactly what is causing you to lose your precious hair. When you get to the bottom of the balding problem, it becomes much easier for you to come up with a feasible solution for it. You do not need to rush to the nearest hair transplant clinic and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in costly surgical hair restoration procedures (although some of them can actually be extremely beneficial thanks to recent developments in surgical technology). Some people rashly resort to hair therapy, pills and products without even understanding what the real problem is. Hair loss therapy, pills and products can be useful, but none of them should be deemed as a magical treatment for your hair loss predicament. Often times, the problem lies much deeper and is closely associated with health factors that have been bothering you for quite some time.

Not Just a Cosmetic Problem

It was previously mentioned that experts have established a clear relationship between hair loss and high blood sugar in the body. Further studies in this subject have proven that unbalanced diabetes can be one of the chief causes of hair loss in an individual. Diabetes doesn’t just keep you away from your favourite desserts. It robs you of your precious hair as well. If you visit a physician who has specialized in diabetes, you will probably be informed that hair loss is a cosmetic symptom or problem of the blood sugar related disease. We are all well aware of the fact that hair loss can have a massive impact on our appearance as individuals. However, labelling hair loss as simply a cosmetic problem is not going to really help you come up with a good enough solution for it. In reality, hair loss triggered by diabetes is a very serious problem that should not be ignored under any circumstances. You may think that thinning hair is all there is to worry about, but your hair condition could get really bad, really quick.

What Happens to the Hair of a Diabetic?

The reason why high blood sugar is related to hair loss is because diabetes can have an effect on the growth and repair that takes place within our bodies. People who have diabetes can expect considerable hair loss in a matter of weeks or months after being diagnosed with diabetes. During the initial stages, the hair starts thinning out. As time progresses, the texture of the hair becomes weaker and weaker. Eventually, the growth of the hair gets stunted and the hair begins to fall out more than you would probably have ever imagined it would. The overall intensity of the hair loss can vary from one individual to the other. Some diabetics are known to lose hair one strand at a time, while others have had the misfortune of losing their hair in patches.

A diabetic person does not have a balanced blood sugar level. Hence, the blood does not always reach the hair follicles in time to provide nourishment. The absence of nourishment can cause the hair follicles to lose their ability to grow new hairs. The hair roots become weak and the overall hair growth comes to a halt. If the person is suffering from hyperglycemia, then the hair is unlikely to develop or renew itself.

The Best Method of Diagnosing Diabetes Related Hair Loss

Elimination and differential diagnosis is the best method of finding out whether your hair loss is being caused by diabetes or not. There are many different causes of hair loss. A diabetic person could be losing his or her hair to a genetic disposition. Another common cause of hair loss in diabetics is androgenetic alopecia which accounts for 95% cases of all hair loss in men and 80% cases of all hair loss in women. Problems with the thyroid can also lead to hair loss problems in diabetics.