Kick These 4 Habits Out of Your Life to Lower Your Chances of Going Bald

Two thirds of all men aged 60 in the world are bald. This means that by the time you reach the age of 66, there is a 66.66% chance of you losing all your hair and being the next Dr Evil. That statistic may not necessarily frighten you. If you are a young man in your 20s or your 30s, then you are probably thinking that the age 60 is a long way off. You are right. There is a lot of years before you reach the age of 60. However, you need to realize that hair loss does not occur overnight. It is not that you are going to magically lose all of your hair when you turn up for your 60th birthday party. Hair loss is a slow, gradual and painful process that takes many years to reach completion.

If you are not careful about reducing the risks of hair loss right now, then you may end up with bald patches or bald spots within the next few years. Could you imagine how embarrassing would it be for you to have thinning hair as a guy who is in his 30s? Guys who haven’t sorted out their love life yet should pay special attention to retaining the hair on their head.

The first step to minimizing the risks of hair loss involves eliminating habits that are conducive to hair fall. Here are four such habits that you need to get rid of as soon as possible:

1) Selecting the Wrong Shampoo

You would be surprised to know the kind of damage that wrong shampoos can cause to your hair. Men are usually not much concerned about the kind of shampoos that they bring home from the departmental store. However, using the wrong shampoo for a few weeks could potentially plant the seeds of hair loss in your scalp. One of the main reasons why people suffer from hair loss is because of male pattern baldness. This genetic condition is triggered by the presence of DHT in the body which is derived from the male hormone testosterone. If you buy shampoos that do nothing to stop the action of DHT, then you are basically inviting hair loss. Shampoos that are enriched with ketoconazole (anti-fungal agent) are the ones that you should pick from the shelf at the departmental store.

2) Enjoying Hot Showers

Who doesn’t enjoy hot showers? It is the perfect place to lose yourself in a world of imagination and come up with brilliant ideas for your school or office project. The warmth of the water as it caresses your back is a feeling that is cherished by people of all ages. If you are suffering from a bit of hair loss however, you need to stop spending time under the hot shower. The hot water can cause your hair and your skin to become dehydrated. When that happens, your hair dries up and turns brittle. Brittle hair is more susceptible to falling off the scalp than naturally moisturized hair. We are not asking you to take unbearable cold showers in the winter. All we are asking you to do is limit the amount of time that you spend bathing in hot water.

3) Drying Your Hair in a Rough Manner

Every body in the world today is in a rush. From the 13 year old teenage boy who is getting late for his online gaming appointment with his buddy to the 30 year old doctor who is working round the clock, everybody loves to get trivial daily tasks done as quickly as possible. Most people believe that there is no harm in drying your hair too roughly to save time. However, vigorous rubbing of the hair with the towel is going to cost you big time in terms of hair loss. Rough drying puts an extra bit of stress and pressure on your hair. It weakens the hair and makes it easier for it to fall off the scalp.

4) Too Much Exposure to the Sun

Exposing your hair to the sun can have serious implications for the health of your hair. A lot of people enjoy the idea of heading out to the beaches in warm, breezy and sunny weather to experience Mother Nature at its finest. If you have strong, healthy and shiny hair, then there is nothing wrong with being under the sun. However, if your hair has become brittle, weak and flaky over the years, then you ought to spend more time indoors. This is because the sun can make the hair even more weak and brittle. The hair cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) is directly affected by the rays of the sun. If you still want to head outdoors, make sure that you cover your head with a nice hat.