Learn How to Protect Your Hair and Prevent Hair Loss When Taking a Dip in the Pool

What can be more refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing than having a wonderful time in the swimming pool. This is the perfect place to give your body some much needed movement without succumbing to exhaustion and tiredness. It is also a haven for those who are sick and tired of the scorching hot weather in the days of summer. It goes without saying that there are certain precautions that everyone has to take before diving into a swimming pool. Not all of these precautions deal with the safety of the individual. Some of them should concern the potential damage that the hair might sustain when in contact with the water of the swimming pool.

Can The Water in the Swimming Pool Really Damage Your Hair?

You have probably heard people talk about how swimming pool water can be detrimental for the hair. You are probably not sure whether to believe in them or count this off as yet another hair loss myth. The sad reality, the water in the swimming pool can be really bad for your hair, especially when you take long term exposure into account. You aren’t going to lose your hair if you take a dip once in a blue moon. However, if you are learning how to swim or if you are an avid swimmer, then you should definitely take certain steps to ensure that exposing your hair to the water does not lead to the development of bald patches on your head. Believe it or not, there have been numerous documented cases of people experiencing significant hair loss after learning how to swim for a few weeks or months. You certainly do not want to find yourself in such a situation.

Tips that Will Help You Out

Even though the contents of the water in the swimming pool can be damaging to your hair, there are some handy tips that you can use to make sure that your hair is not left unprotected when you are acing those backstrokes. These tips include things you should do before getting into a swimming pool, while you are swimming inside the pool and after you get out of the pool and dry yourself.

A Much Needed Haircut

Before you take a dive into the pool, you have to make sure that your hair is not unfixed or messed up. In other words, you need the proper swimming haircut. We aren’t talking about a particular hairstyle. We are basically asking you to get rid of the damaged ends of your hair. Exposing the damaged, split ends to the water in the swimming pool leads to further damage in the hair strands and the scalp. Also, by cutting or trimming your hair short, it will be much easier for you to handle and manage your hair when you are swimming.

Saturated Hair

Another thing that you should do as a part of your preparation to go swimming in the pool is getting your hair saturated. This can be achieved by applying a bit of conditioner on wet hair. The use of the conditioner on wet hair causes your hair to become fairly saturated and makes it nearly impossible for the chlorinated water to seep into your hair. It goes without mention that exposure to chlorinated water can be really harmful for your precious locks. The presence of the chlorine in the water is what causes damage to the hair. Keeping your hair well protected in whatever way you can is absolutely mandatory for someone who is experiencing severe hair loss problems.

Wearing a Hair Cap

Once you have entered the swimming pool, your primary focus should be to keep your hair in place. You cannot let your hair float around randomly. This increase the exposure to chlorinated water and increases your chances of experiencing hair loss. The ideal option is to keep your hair covered with a hair cap. This is the perfect accessory for keeping your hair in shape. A lot of people struggle to fit all of their hair into the cap. The reason for that is because they are trying to stuff dry hair inside a very narrow space. To decrease the volume of your hair, massage it with a bit of water and get it wet. This will make it much easier for you to wear the hair cap.

Shampoo Your Hair

Once you get out of the swimming pool, you should head to the shower immediately and apply shampoo on your wet hair. The reason why you need to shampoo your hair so quickly is because it allows you to get rid of the chlorine contaminants that may have accumulated on your hair. The sooner you get rid of these contaminants, the lower will be your chances of suffering from hair loss.