Learn the Pros and Cons of Applying Texturizer to Your Natural Curls

There are three fundamental steps you need to take in order to ensure that your hair is in a great condition. The first involves keeping your hair clean. This also includes cleansing your hair from time to time. The second thing that you need to make sure that the health of your hair is not compromised is apply certain hair care products that will revitalize your hair and enhance its growth. The third component of maintaining beautiful and healthy hair is all about keeping your hair free from contaminants and reducing its exposure to sunlight and heat. With that being said, we are going to discuss the use of texturizer in hair care. It is one of those hair care products that are becoming increasingly popular as of late. You can find texturizers of different brands in the market. Each has its own way of taking care of your hair. However, there are certain people who believe that using a texturizer is unnecessary and could potentially lead to significant hair damage. Is there any truth to what these people are saying about texturizers? It is time to find out!


All hair types in the world today have certain advantages and disadvantages. People like to think that straighter hair is more beautiful, fabulous and glamorous. This is the reason why there are so many products in the market that are designed to convert naturally curly hair into straight hair. You can think of straight hair as the global trend that everyone wants to adhere to. If you have afro hair, you would require the use of special chemicals that are formulated to achieve the transformation to straight hair. These special chemicals are commonly referred to as relaxers. It is also worth noting that the process by which naturally curly, coily or kinky hair is transformed to straight, smooth hair is called relaxing.

The Function of Texturizers

A texturizer is a product that is slightly different from a relaxer. It is a special blend of chemicals that falls somewhere between products that enhance the curliness of your hair and products that try to break down the natural curly pattern in your hair. You could consider texturizers as a form of relaxers that are meant to be left on for a short period of time. The people who are in charge of formulating and manufacturing texturizers aim to create a product that has the ability to soften your hair and give you a looser curl pattern. In other words, texturizers will not give you straight hair, but will simply make your hair less curly.

Facts about Texturizers

There are a few things that you should learn about texturizers before you decide to bring them home and start using them. To begin with, texturizers are usually not natural products. There may be a few natural, organic texturizers out there in the market. But those products have not reached enough popularity to catch our attention as of yet. For now, we will make the assumption that the good texturizers that you can find in the market are all synthetically produced. Different texturizers are manufactured with different ingredients. It all depends on the brand that you are buying from. That being said, most basic texturizers are based on sodium and calcium hydroxide, which serve as the primary active ingredients in relaxers (both lye and no-lye variants). Never be fooled into thinking that the texturizer you are buying is non-chemical or non-synthetic.

Texturizers Versus Relaxers

Texturizers are no more natural or organic than the regular relaxers you get to purchase in the market. It is also worth noting that texturizers are not necessarily milder than relaxers (although their overall effect on the hair is milder). The difference between the two products lies in the duration of time for which you have to leave it on your hair. Most relaxers need to be left on for a longer period of time.

Why You Should Use a Texturizer

First and foremost, a texturizer is the best kind of product that you can use to loosen up your curls. You aren’t going to find a better alternative in the market. Various texturizers can be used to achieve different kinds of hairdos. With a texturizer, you do not need to touch or update as much as you need to do with a relaxer. Also, if you choose a curl texturizer over a relaxer, you get to retain some of that natural texture and volume without looking the same as before.

Why Using a Texturizer Could be Bad for You

It is a synthetic product that potentially carries plenty of side effects for your hair and skin. In worst case scenarios, the chemical treatment you receive from the texturizer could weaken your hair and cause you to suffer from hair damage. More