Modern Day Causes of Hair Loss

Modern Day Causes of Hair Loss

A lot has changed over the course of human history. Civilizations have advanced beyond imagination, science has developed incredibly and human innovation skills have progressed tremendously. We went from being cavemen living in the mercy of nature (we still are in the mercy of nature) to human beings who have the power to harness energy from the various components of our nature. Despite coming up with solutions to nearly every problem that we have faced, human beings have yet to come up with a cure for the age old predicament of hair loss.

Has Our Hair Loss Problems Remained Unchanged?

Why do we not have a cure for hair loss? Well, it is definitely not because we do not care about the loss of our hair. The face that hair loss or hair care industry is a billion dollar business is a clear indication to the fact that human beings are desperately seeking a solution to hair loss. Human identity and hair are intertwined with one another. The loss of hair has always been deemed as a loss of masculinity or a loss of femininity (with certain exceptions of course). A young adult who is undergoing hair loss is seen as a person who has stepped foot into the phase premature aging. A person who is going bald in his or her 20s or 30s is described by people as someone who has been robbed of the charm of youth. There are so many negative connotations that have always been associated with the loss of hair. It is almost as if the hair loss problem has remained unchanged over the many centuries of human existence on planet earth. Or has it?

Modern Day Hair Loss Causes Are Quite Different

The causes of hair loss today are not exactly the same as the causes of hair loss that we had in previous times. There are some inconsistencies that need to be pointed out. In fact, research suggests that human beings are being affected by hair loss in new ways. In other words, the modern day causes of hair loss are quite different from the causes of hair loss that people were acquainted with back in the 19th century or early 20th century. This just goes to show you that changes in human lifestyle can actually prompt a change in hair loss causes. The following is a list of modern day hair loss causes that we should be concerned about:

1) Stress

The amount of stress that the modern man carries is much higher than what human beings of any other generation have ever experienced before. The current generation of people are extremely stressed out and this problem is only intensifying with time. As more and more people become prone to stress related health complications, hair loss becomes a bigger possibility in their lives. There is an ample amount of research results to confirm the connection between hair loss and stress. In fact, hair loss and stress follow the chicken and egg syndrome. While stress leads to hair loss, hair loss too can breed more stress. The end result is a self perpetuating cycle which has trapped millions of people around the world. When you undergo stress, the hair enters the telogen phase or the resting phase much sooner than normal. This contributes to the overall loss of hair from the head which appears as the thinning of your hair.

2) Medication

The modern man is much more reliant on medication than people of the yester years. There are several different types of medication that can actively contribute to hair loss. Medication induced or drug induced hair loss is usually not noticed immediately. If you are on drugs (not necessarily illicit drugs) for an extended period of time, then you become highly likely to suffer from some form of hair loss or the other.

The kind of medications that have the most potential to cause hair loss are the anti acne ones. Medications that are used as inhibitors to lower blood pressure are also known to be quite the contributing factor to hair loss. If you feel that your hair loss has been triggered by your medication, then you are advised to immediately seek medical assistance.

3) Age

Modern human beings have a much longer life span on average than people from earlier times. The longer you live, the greater are your chances of experiencing hair loss. For example, male pattern baldness, which is the most common cause of hair loss in men, takes effect more strongly as you grow older. At the age of 35, around 40% of all men will notice some sort of hair loss on their scalp. By the time they reach the age of 60, this percentage shoots up to 65%. Hair also becomes much finer and thinner as you age.

4) Exposure to Contaminants

The modern man’s hair is more susceptible to being exposed to contaminants than the hair of people back in the old times. In those good old days, people were not too inclined to use hair dyes, hair sprays and other hair styling products. These products contain synthetic chemicals that can damage hair and lead to hair loss. There is also much greater pollution in the air today, which means that our hair is being exposed to increasing levels of dirt, grease and other forms of floating filth.