Propecia Hair Loss Treatment: Learn About Its 12 Month Promise Program

There are certain things that set a good hair loss product apart from a poor one. One of them is its ability to appeal to consumers in all the right ways. If a hair loss product has to earn the trust of a consumer, it needs to throw in a challenge. It needs to give the customers the opportunity to prove that the claims made by the manufacturers are incorrect. This is how state of the art hair loss products are able to instil belief and consumer confidence in the hearts of the potential customers. Merck and Co., the makers of the popular clinically tested hair loss treatment called Propecia, are planning to do something similar in an effort to gain a larger share of the anti-hair loss product market.

An Industry Filled with Substandard Products

The hair loss industry can be a very deceptive place for consumers. Vast majority of the products that you see in the market are basically good for nothing. They do not hold the key to treating your hair loss condition, let alone growing back hair on bald patches. The manufacturers hype the products up with false promises and phony claims that are well advertised in a number of media platforms. In the collective opinion of experts, most of the products in the hair loss industry are garbage and should be chucked out of the supermarket shelves as soon as possible.

Flashy Money Back Guarantees

Many of the phony products are made to look more appealing by having so called money back guarantees attached to them. Just because a certain product has a fancy money back guarantee deal, it does not mean that they will actually work. Some of them are not even risk free, but that is how they are made to appear to the audience or the consumers. You might be wondering, how do these products survive in the market? Well, there is one thing that keeps attracting scammers and fraudsters into the hair loss industry and that is the ignorance of the people who are paying a price to buy hair loss products. The consumers themselves have very little knowledge of what it takes for a product to be considered a good hair loss solution. Gimmicky packaging and catchy commercial taglines are often all that are required to grab the consumer’s attention and wallet permanently. People end up spending thousands of dollars on hair loss products every single year without enjoying any positive results. Also, none of these consumers get their money back because they are prevented from being dissatisfied. The manufacturers and the vendors are able to make the consumers believe that their hair loss product is actually taking effect, whereas in reality it is only draining money out of the consumer’s pockets.

Why Are the Makers of Propecia Introducing a Money Back Guarantee?

The key to treating your hair loss effectively is an early intervention with the help of an ideal hair loss product. Thankfully, there are some genuine products that you can rely on, one of them being Propecia. This is a product that actually works and works well for most men who buy it. This is why the manufacturers have decided to offer their satisfied consumers with a legitimate money back guarantee that has no hidden terms or conditions applied. This is a slightly unorthodox practice for a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the treatment of hair loss. Then again, you need to bear in mind the fact that the entire hair loss industry is filled with ridiculously fake before and after photos, phony reviews and testimonials and questionable money back guarantees. Therefore, if Propecia has to compete with the bad boys for a greater market share, it needs to do so in their terms. Is this a classy move from the makers of Propecia? No, it probably isn’t. However, if the makers of this FDA approved reliable hair loss treatment are not able to beat scammers and fraudsters at their own game, then they will not be able to reach out to the naive, desperate and helpless victims of hair loss who are looking for a reliable solution to clutch on to.

How the 12 Month Propecia Money Back Guarantee Program Works

The money back guarantee program devised by Propecia is targeted towards new male patients who are aged 18 and above. These patients must be victims of male pattern baldness and should use Propecia for a minimum of 12 months. If they suffer from any other hair loss condition (which Propecia is not meant to treat), then they will not be eligible for this money back guarantee program. According to the terms of the program, a person who is unable to maintain hair on the vertex (top of the head) and anterior mid-scalp (middle front of the head) throughout the 12 month long usage of Propecia is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.