Receding Hairline in Women

Receding hairline is commonly associated with male hair loss. The simple reason for that is because this hair loss pattern is more common in men than it is in women. That being said, it would be wrong to make the assumption that the receding hairline is a male exclusive problem. To suggest that only males suffer from a receding hairline would disregard the hundreds and thousands of women who end up suffering from this problem. Receding hairline in women is a real thing. In fact, it is formally referred to as frontal fibrosing alopecia. The condition can be defined as a type of female hair loss where the hairline recedes or falls back. The question on everyone’s mind is, how far can your hairline fall back? The answer to that question depends on the severity of your hair loss. In extreme cases, the hairline can recede up to 5 inches in length.

A Receding Hairline Can Develop in Any Adult Female

Receding hairline in women is different from receding hairline in men. To begin with, this hair loss pattern is usually not noticed in teenage girls. Males on the other hand are known to exhibit a mild form of receding hairline during the years of teenage or early adulthood. The receding hairline normally appears in women who are aged between 30 and 60. This means that the older a woman grows, the greater are her chances of developing a receding hairline and suffering from significant hair loss. Post menopausal women are at greatest risk of having to deal with a receding hairline.

It is commonly believed that women who suffer from hair loss do not end up having a receding hairline. Instead of this easily recognizable pattern of hair loss, female hair loss sufferers are known to undergo hair thinning all over their scalp. The cases of equally distributed hair thinning may be more common than the cases of receding hairlines in women. However, the latter hair loss condition should not be ignored. Even though it was previously mentioned that women above the age of 30 are the ones who usually develop a receding hairline, it would not be unbelievable to find a girl as young as 19 with a receding hairline.

The Ill Effects of a Receding Hairline on a Woman’s Psyche

Once the receding hairline strikes your scalp, hair will begin to thin out in other parts of the scalp as well. This is a massive concern for most women as they are known to be far more beauty conscious than the average man. The loss of hair equates to the loss of beauty for most females. In the absence of hair, it is difficult for women to live up to the beauty standards of society. This is the reason why a receding hairline is such a major problem among women. Both men and women are known to suffer from psychological problems after realizing the fact that they are developing a receding hairline. Women in particular start to believe that they are no longer as graceful, lovely or beautiful as they once were. There is absolutely no denying the fact that sudden hair loss will considerably affect your outward appearance and physical image. This is the reason why so many women with a receding hairline are left feeling hopeless and helpless.

In certain cases, women lose their confidence, self esteem and even their self respect. For reasons unexplained, women believe that their receding hairline makes them less competent and far less appealing. In some of the most extreme cases, depression and anxiety can settle in. If you are suffering from chronic depression or know someone who is suffering from chronic depression, then you should immediately seek the counsel of a mental healthcare specialist.

All Is Not Lost

It is very hard to tell whether a particular type of hair loss is permanent or temporary. Sometimes, you are the one who is in charge of deciding whether or not your hair loss is going to stick with your forever. As a woman who has to deal with the trouble of having a receding hairline, you need to get your priorities straight. Instead of crying over your hair loss condition and regretting the fact that you are no longer as appealing in the eyes of society as you once were, you need to focus your attention on reversing or at least stopping the progression of the receding hairline. If you become helpless and hopeless, you will never be able to recover from your hair loss.

Thanks to developments in modern science, there are several different types of natural and synthetic treatments that you can apply to your scalp in an effort to get rid of your receding hairline. It is okay to be afraid. Any woman with a receding hairline should be afraid. Just make sure that you use that fear to improve your present situation.