Receding Hairline: Things Every Man Needs to Know

There are a handful of things in this world that can truly terrify a real man. The sight of a receding hairline is one of them. No matter how careless you are about your looks and no matter how less bothered you claim to be about your physical appearance, a receding hairline will surely disappoint you and horrify you to a certain extent.

Taking Our Hair for Granted

The problem with people today is that we take our hair for granted. We do whatever we want with it without realizing the needs and requirements of our hair. We are seldom concerned about protecting our hair from damage and contaminants. We hardly keep track of our diet and nutrition to ensure that our health growth is not impaired in any way. The only time we seem to care about our hair is when we begin to lose it. It is said that most people don’t even realize that they are suffering from hair loss until they lose about 50% of their hair. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, it is hard to detect hair loss or hair thinning unless a specific baldness pattern such as the receding hairline is formed. Secondly, people live in denial about losing their hair which makes it difficult for them to notice that they are going balder every single day.

Living In Perpetual Fear

When the receding hairline appears, it becomes impossible for someone to ignore their hair loss. It throws them into a state of utter confusion and panic. People become overwhelmed with the perpetual fear of going bald and developing an unpleasant appearance. This clouds their judgement and forces them into wrong decisions that prove to be immensely costly later on. If you want to avoid choosing the wrong path under such circumstances, then you should learn more about receding hairlines and how they can have an impact on your appearance and psyche.

DHT and Male Pattern Baldness

A receding hairline is basically the mark of male pattern baldness. People with this hair loss condition have a genetic predisposition for hair fall. People who suffer from male pattern baldness lose their hair from the forehead during the early stages. You will also come across cases where the sufferers of male pattern baldness experience hair loss on both the forehead as well as the top of the head. As you can understand, male pattern baldness can wreck havoc on your scalp and significantly decrease the volume of your hair within a few years. The main culprit behind the receding hairline or the male pattern baldness is DHT. This is derived from testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. An increase in the amount of testosterone or DHT in the body damages the hair follicles on your scalp. Once the hair follicles become damaged and malnourished, their growth is impeded. Without proper growth, it is much easier for the hair strands to fall off the scalp.

The damage to the hair follicles is basically caused through a specific process called follicular miniaturization. As the name suggests, the follicles are shrunk in the presence of DHT. What’s really interesting is that the DHT does not really contribute much to the human body other than making you balder. There are several studies being conducted on DHT to discover its benefits to the human body. But as of now, DHT will be known as the reason why millions of men around the world have a receding hairline.

Psychological Impact of a Receding Hairline

A receding hairline does not only affect your physical appearance, but it also creates a horrible mess in your mind. You cannot expect any person with a receding hairline to think that they look good with it. Everyone wants their hair back once they start experiencing hair loss. The loss of hair can be incredibly painful, especially if you are the kind of person who is deeply concerned about outward appearance. A man with a receding hairline is not considered appealing according to the beauty standards set by society. You can disagree with these societal standards and norms all you want, but there is no denying the fact that a man with a receding hairline is at an obvious disadvantage in his community. Dealing with male pattern baldness and a receding hairline could lead to a number of psychological issues such as negative self image, anxiety and depression.

If you believe that you are going through these problems, then you should immediately consult psychologist or a psycho-therapist. You could also get in touch with a hair loss consultant. A simple way of overcoming your hair loss related psychological problems is by identifying with some renowned bald men such as the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Jay Z.