Reduce Hair Loss By Using Ammonia Free Hair Colour Dyes

Hair dyes are one of the most important products when it comes to styling your hair. There was a time when colourful hair dyes were reserved for people with an eccentric or whacky sense of style. Today, almost everyone is interested to dye their hair at least once in their lifetime. The problem with using hair dyes is that they are usually not good for their hair. In fact, it would be completely correct to say that most of the hair dyes that you can find in the market will cause significant damage to your hair if used repeatedly. The harsh chemicals that are found inside hair dyes, namely ammonia, can lead to severe damage and even hair loss. This is the reason why hair loss experts advise people with thinning hair to avoid the use of hair dyes. Does this mean that a person who experiences hair loss can never change the colour of their hair? Do you always have to choose between the health of your hair and the recent hair styling trends? Not really. There is a way to solve this dilemma. Ammonia free hair colour dyes are products that won’t make you feel guilty about changing your hair colour.

The Growing Demand for Ammonia Free Hair Colour Dyes

There is a growing demand for ammonia free hair colour dyes in the market. As the name suggests, these products do not contain ammonia. Ammonia has traditionally been a very important component in hair dyes. In fact, it plays various roles within the same product. Hence, it is such a crucial ingredient for the manufacturers of hair dyes. But all of that is in the process of changing. Manufacturers have smartened up and come up with a way to create hair dyes that can be used by people with hair loss problems. It is worth noting that ammonia can have detrimental effects on both your hair and your health.

What Is the Purpose of Adding Ammonia in Hair Colour Dyes?

As previously mentioned, there are various roles that ammonia plays as one of the primary ingredients of the conventional hair colour dye. For starters, the addition of ammonia in the hair colour dye raises the pH level of the solution. It also neutralizes peroxide and other pigments. Furthermore, the presence of ammonia in the hair colour dye ensures that the cuticle layer of the hair is opened so that the hair colour that you are using can reach the depths of your hair by penetrating the hair cortex. Surprisingly, there are still a few more things that ammonia does inside a hair colour dye. For example, ammonia enhances the colour development and activates peroxide. People with grey hair can benefit from ammonia greatly. They are the ones who need their artificial hair colour to stand out. Hiding the grey roots of a hair using a colour dye is a very difficult thing to achieve. This is where ammonia plays a very important role as you strive to make sure that your hair is flawlessly dyed. The slightest appearance of grey hair can render the entire process of dyeing your hair worthless.

The Side Effects and Dangers of Using Ammonia in Hair Colour Dyes

Saying that the presence of ammonia leads to hair damage and hair loss does not really present a very convincing argument against the substance. It certainly does not give you a view of the whole picture. How exactly does ammonia harm your hair? What is the extent of the damage caused? You can uncover the answers to these questions by learning about the side effects and dangers of ammonia in detail below:

1) Moisture and Protein Loss

As previously mentioned, the presence of ammonia in the hair colour dye makes the hair cuticle swell up. It does this to allow the hair colour dye to pierce the hair cortex. Swelling up of the hair cuticle causes moisture and protein to be lost from the hair. As a result of this, the hair dries up and becomes really weak. Dried up weak hair is most vulnerable to falling off the scalp.

2) Rise in the pH Levels

Raising the pH level can be a good thing for the hair colour dye, but it is a horrible thing for your hair. Once the pH level is raised, it would be nearly impossible for you to get it back down through any physical means. A rise in the pH level causes the cuticle to remain open, thus facilitating further loss of moisture and protein.

3) High Pigment Content

Since the ammonia keeps the cuticle open, some of the hair dye is lost as you rinse your hair. Hence, you need to go for a hair colour dye with high pigment content. Exposure to such a high amount of pigment can severely affect the health of your hair.