Remedies and Preventive Measures for Female Receding Hairline

The physiological needs of men and women are different. This is why the kind of treatment that men with receding hairlines should consider is not the same as the kind of treatment that their female counterparts needs. The requirements of the female body have to be taken into account before coming up with effective treatments for receding hairline.

As you must be aware, a receding hairline can be treated in a vast number of ways. Some people like to opt for a hormonal therapy while others take drugs for thyroid problems. Then again, you have some people with the worst cases of receding hairline who have no other option but to resort to hair transplantation. These are all different modern treatments for the same hair loss problem. But did you know that contemporary medicine is not the only solution to a receding hairline? Instead of using technologically advanced treatments, you can go back to age old, time tested natural remedies that can be just as beneficial as some of the more modern treatment methods out there.

You would be delighted to know that using natural home remedies for your receding hairline can actually be the better option in certain cases. Majority of the time, the use of home remedies to treat a hair loss condition will save you a significant amount of money and will also prevent you from suffering from any undesirable side effects. Prevention is better than cure. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of treating a receding hairline, then simply use one of the following home remedies or simple hair care techniques to prevent the loss of hair. This will make your life a lot simpler and far less stressful.

1) Reduce the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Your hair deserves the best care. Do not compromise the health of your hair in order to enhance its beauty. Your hair will look naturally beautiful as long as you take good care of it and keep it neat and tidy. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up exposing their hair to a ton of hair dyes, bleaches, tints and chemical straightener. This can be extremely bad for your hair. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians over exposure to the aforementioned harsh chemicals can lead to the inflammation of the hair follicle. This can result in hair loss and scarring.

2) Hot Styling Equipments Should Be Avoided

We live in an age where it is impossible for women to go one week without the use of a hot styling tool. This is how important hairstyle has become for women. However, in an effort to keep up with modern hairstyle trends, you cannot jeopardize the condition of your beautiful hair by using hot styling equipments too frequently. You need to maintain a balance and look for other alternatives. Curling irons and blow dryers should be kept away and used only when absolutely necessary. These hot styling equipments cause severe damage to your hair and increases your chances of developing a receding hairline. Once you have a receding hairline, you will lose your ability to keep up with the current hairstyle trends.

3) Stop Touching Your Hair When You Are Frustrated

Women can unknowingly mishandle their hair during times of frustration. Suppose you are feeling extremely bored, anxious or depressed. Do you feel the urge to tug and pull your hair strands? If you do, then you need to change this habit of yours. There is nothing wrong with touching your hair every once in a while. But pulling it or even brushing it too vigorously with your fingers when you are upset about something can cause considerable damage to your hair. Women usually pull the hair on top of the forehead, which increases their risk of developing a receding hairline.

4) Massage Your Hair With Hot Oils

As far as remedies go, there is nothing quite as effective and relaxing as a hot oil scalp massage. The benefits of such a massage cannot be stressed enough. There are different types of essential oils that you can apply on your hair. Our recommended picks include coconut oil, rosemary oil and olive oil. As strange as it may sound, carrot oil can actually play a very helpful role in preventing the onset of a receding hairline.

5) Make Use of a Homemade Protein Hair Mask

You do not need to visit a fancy hair salon to obtain the best natural hair loss treatment. You can come up with one of your own at home. A combination of fenugreek paste, olive oil and yogurt can be used to create a highly effective protein hair mask. 3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds, 2tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of olive oil are all the ingredients you need for the recipe. Apply the mixture on your hair and keep the mask on for the better part of an hour before rinsing it off with water. Apply this homemade protein at least twice a week for best results.