Reviving the Lost Art of Hair Repair

Reviving the Lost Art of Hair Repair

The battle between medical treatment for hair loss and natural treatment for hair loss has been going on for quite some time now. There is no denying the fact that some medical treatments work really well when it comes to reducing the ill effects of hair loss. In fact, when applied expertly, medical treatments can yield tremendously positive results. This is perhaps the reason why so many people in the world are resorting to medications such as Rogaine, which are known to “guarantee” success. Regardless of how successful these treatments are, try to read the testimonials with a grain of salt. No one is asking you to not put your trust in medical treatments. However, it is always preferable to give natural treatments a try before you move on to what the doctors prescribe you.

Lack of Faith in Natural Remedies

Natural hair loss treatments are often looked down upon due to their strong cultural associations. For example, if you were given a concoction of natural ingredients that is frequently used by a native tribe in America in the treatment of hair loss, then you would perhaps not be too inclined to include it in your hair loss prevention or treatment routine. However, if you were presented with an FDA approved drug for hair loss, you would probably start using it despite reading countless reviews on the internet that highlights its ineffectiveness. This goes to show that people do not have too much faith in natural hair loss remedies.

A Lost Art

The art of hair repair through natural ingredients is pretty much lost. Although some may claim that hair loss medications are an upgrade of natural remedies, research clearly proves otherwise. Natural hair loss treatment can yield some of the best benefits for anyone who is struggling with balding. Unlike hair loss medication and hair loss surgery, natural remedies are free from side effects and risks. It is by far the safest and most cost effective form of hair loss therapy. It has become an isolated and neglected lost art in a sea of expensive and inefficacious hair loss treatments.

The Importance of Nutritious Foods

Natural hair loss treatment comprises of several fundamental principles. These principles are often a blend of human biology and philosophy. Understanding these principles is key to getting the best out of natural hair loss treatments. According to one such important principle in this field, foods that are good for your health are supposed to be good for your hair as well. The science of natural hair loss remedies acknowledges the fact that there are plenty of variables involved in the loss of hair from the scalp. However, people who are firm believers in natural remedies point out the fact that nutritional deficiency plays a huge role in hair loss and balding. Modern day research actually supports this age old belief. Studies confirm that a diet which is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and has reduced fat content can actually be extremely beneficial in maintaining the health of hair and laying the foundation for hair loss prevention. In short, the importance of consuming nutritious food in the battle against hair loss cannot be stressed enough.

Forgetting the Significance of Vitamins

Remember the days when every child was constantly reminded about the importance of taking their daily dose of vitamins? Nowadays, people are resorting to medications to solve all kinds of problems including hair loss. You do not need drugs to repair your damaged hair. Sometimes, all that is needed is vitamins in the adequate amounts. The human hair needs a myriad of vitamins to sustain growth. A sufficient supply of vitamins to the hair will ensure that you hair stays strong, healthy and thick. This will reduce the chances of hair loss and balding drastically. Deficiencies in Vitamins B6 and B12 can cause excessive hair shedding, leading to permanent hair loss. These vitamins can be readily sourced from a number of different healthy food items such as chicken, fish and soybean. There are also vitamin and nutritional supplements that you can take in order to make sure that your beautiful locks are not affected by hair loss.

The Use of Natural Ingredients

The lost art of hair repair is simply not based on the consumption of healthy foods. You need to throw in natural remedies into the mix as well. There are numerous natural ingredients, especially herbs, which are very useful in the prevention and treatment of hair loss. One example of such an herb is the Saw Palmetto. This herb can lower the level of DHT in the body, which is responsible for triggering hair loss in individuals who have a genetic disposition for balding (male pattern baldness). Nettles, ginger, sage tea, rosemary and apple cider vinegar are a few of the other herbs that have extensive use in natural hair loss treatment.