Selecting the Right Hair Colour to Complement Your Olive Skin

The diversity among ethnicities is one of the most beautiful aspects of the human race. People from different geographical locations have different facial and physical features that allow us to celebrate the differences that exist among the 6 billion human beings that inhabit our world today. Some of the most obvious differences lie in the hair colour and the skin tone. It would be so unfair and unwise to categorize people as either black or white. There are so many different skin tones that we can talk about. Today, we will be learning more about people with an olive complexion and how they can make their hair look more gorgeous with the use of hair colour dyes.

Are You Brown Or Olive Skinned?

A lot of people are not actually sure of what is meant by olive skin. As the name suggests, skin that has a greenish tint underneath is referred to as olive skin. People usually make the assumption that a tanned skin or a skin that leans on the brown side is olive skin. This is not true. Brown and olive are two entirely different complexions, although there are plenty of similarities between them. If you want to be sure of whether you have olive skin or brown skin, then take a look at your face under the light without makeup. If you can notice the greenish tint below your skin, then you are most certainly a member of the olive skin community.

Pale Olive or Light Olive

Some people have very light complexions that fall under the olive complexioned category. They may not look as tan or brown as the average olive skinned person, but the tinge of the skin will remain quite prominent. This means that they should not be colouring their hair with dyes that are specifically appropriate for fair skinned or pale complexioned people. This type of colouring or skin tone is sometimes referred to as pale olive or fair olive.

Light Blondes Aren’t Recommended for Darker Tones of Olive

If you are looking for the best hair colour solution, then you need to remember some very important general rules. One of the most important rules of hair colouring dictates that you should not opt for two or three shades lighter than your natural hair colour. This is a rule of the thumb that you may or may not follow. However, following these thumb rules can really help you clear out a bit of confusion when you are shopping for hair colour dyes. How does this all relate to people with olive complexions? Well, the idea is quite simple. Since most people with olive skin have naturally dark hair (quite similar to people with brown complexions), light hair colours usually do not suit these people. It seems as though these colours are quite out of reach for the olive skin. However, hair styling experts agree that you should not be afraid to experiment with lighter shades of hair dyes if your skin tone is on the fairer or lighter side. In other words, people with lighter tones of olive skin can pull off platinum blonde or light blonde hair quite well. Generally speaking, dark olive skin and light blonde colours are quite a mismatch. If you have warm olive colouring, you can opt for the golden blondes. Many people with olive skin tones try out hair dyes with caramel hues. This is actually a great option for people who love to explore the outdoors and wouldn’t mind letting their hair shine in the golden rays of the sun.

Warm Hair Colours

A lot of us make the assumption that having a cooler skin tone means that you are fairer and better looking. This is obviously a huge misconception that you should get rid of immediately. In reality, being warm or cool toned does not really decide how light or dark skinned you are. These undertones that we are constantly referring to are basically beneath your skin. It goes without saying that people with warmer skin tones should try out warmer hues of hair dye. As previously mentioned, golden blonde is a fantastic choice. If you are not willing to go blonde, then you may try mocha browns, caramel colours, chestnuts and auburns. These are all wonderful colours that you can pick. Some people even prefer light copper reds, red blondes and golden copper to complement their warmer olive skin tone.

Cool Hair Colours

Now it is time to talk about people with cooler tones of olive skin. These people can choose from a wide range of hair dye colours including some all time favourites such as honey blonde, ash blonde and platinum blonde. You could even give the strawberry blonde a try if you are interested in looking fabulously exceptional.