Should you Be Concerned About Your Hair Loss

Should You be Concerned About Your Hair Loss?

Hair loss is deemed as a natural effect of aging. This is the reason why when you start losing your hair, many people come up to you and tell you that are simply growing old. However, there are plenty of people who are well into their sixties and seventies who have little to no problem with hair loss. Does this mean that you are aging fast? Well, not exactly. If you are losing your hair during early adulthood, then you should by all means be concerned about your hair loss problem.

Knowing what is Normal and Abnormal in Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very sensitive subject for both men and women. Perhaps this is the reason why it is kind of taboo to bring up discussions about hair loss. The lack of discussion and sharing of information on this topic causes people to be left alone in a state of confusion. There are certain things about hair loss which are completely normal. Then there are those which are not so normal. Abnormal or premature hair loss is something that you should be genuinely worried about. However, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about hair loss in general, then you will find it extremely difficult to differentiate between what is normal in hair loss and what calls for serious concern on your part. There is a time to be concerned about hair loss and then there is a time to simply accept it as a natural process of aging.

The Root of the Hair Loss Problem

If you are unsure of whether or not to be concerned about a problem, then you should always go to the root cause of the problem. Once you identify the main reasons for hair loss, you will have a better understanding of whether or not you should be looking for hair loss treatment from natural or synthetic products. There are many things in your life that can cause hair loss such as stress, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiency. However, this does not mean that a few strands of hair on the pillow is something that you should be worried about.

As strange as it may sound, “losing hair” is not always a symptom of “hair loss”. Losing a few strands of hair here and there should not hurt you. This is completely normal. Losing hair after shedding some pounds and giving birth are examples of when you should not be concerned about hair loss. However, if you are leading a very stressful life, and if this hectic daily routine is what is prompting your hair loss, then it is time for you to get worried.

Hair Shedding is not Hair Loss

It is very important for you to understand that hair shedding is not the same as hair loss. As mentioned before, the body may undergo specific conditions that cause a decrease in the amount of your hair. Sometimes, the natural process of aging causes this decrease. Shedding a little extra hair every now and then does not mean that you are going to go bald and lose all your precious hair.

The body reacts in a number of ways when exposed to conditions that are beyond what is considered normal by its standards. As soon as the body learns to adjust to these new conditions, the hair shedding will stop and you will go back to having the same amount of hair that you had before the hair shedding began. In hair shedding, the hair falls out and gets replaced. Therefore, there is no overall loss in the amount of hair.

Now that you know that shedding hair is not exactly the worst thing in the world, you should not be too concerned about a few bald patches on your head due to changes in outside conditions. Do not be terrified by the amount of hair that is being shed. As long as you are not permanently losing them, there is not much for you to be concerned about.

True Hair Loss Should Concern You

Poor medications, weak immune system, unfavourable genetics, bad hair products and ripping your hair off will all result in hair loss. In other words, you will lose your hair permanently and will not, under normal circumstances, be able to grow your hair back. The bald patches that you will be left with will remain there for a considerable amount of time or forever, depending on how your body works.

There is no reason for you to be disappointed and shattered if you are going through hair loss. There are many ways to reverse the effects of hair loss. Also, if you think that your hair is just starting to thin out, then you can resort to several preventive measures to keep your hair on your head for much longer.