Spotting a Hair Loss Scam 101

Spotting a Hair Loss Scam 101

The hair loss or hair care industry is a billion dollar business according to statistics revealed quite recently. This tells us two things. Number one; there is a huge number of people who suffering from hair loss that are willing to drain their wallets in search of a reliable and effective hair loss solution. The second thing it tells us is that entrepreneurs are turning towards the hair loss or hair care industry to make some big cash by presenting people with a myriad of hair loss treatment options. There is clearly a lot of buying and selling going on here. Despite that, most of the people who suffer from hair loss are unable to recover from baldness. Improvement in the hair loss condition is hardly ever seen in individuals. Those who start balding, keep balding till they lose all of their hair. Only a few exceptional cases are noted once in a blue moon where a person is able to fully or considerably regain their lost hair. This points the finger in the direction of one thing and one thing only; hair loss scams.

A Market Filled with Scams

It is pretty much an open secret that the western market for hair loss cures and solutions is filled with hair loss scams. These hair loss scams come in all shapes and sizes. To small vendors selling “snake oil for hair loss” to major corporations who are selling “technologically advanced topical creams” for preventing hair loss, the industry has seen it all in the last couple of decades or so. Not much is being done to put an end to the operation of hair loss scams. This is probably because of how deceptive these phony businesses are and how good they have become in eluding the watchful eyes of the authority. As for the customers, they are simply naive and anxious individuals who are looking for a quick fix to their impending baldness predicament. Little do they know that they are falling into the trap of these predatory marketers with substandard products.

The Need to Expose Scams

Since very little is being done to get phony businesses and organizations out of the hair loss or hair care product market, the onus is on your shoulders to have the knowledge and the intelligence to detect hair loss scams and stay as far away from them as you possibly could. It is also your duty to identify these scams and let others know about these phony businesses before they wreck more lives and aggravate more cases of hair loss.

10 Signs of a Hair Loss Scam

The following is a list of five signs that tell you that a hair loss product or a service is a complete scam.

1) Your Follicles are Blocked

There are a lot of companies that advertise “Magic Shampoos” that can apparently immediately unclog your hair follicles (they never specify what exactly is causing all the clogging) and can wash the hair back on your head. It is quite evident from the wording in their advertisements that they have no clue of how hair follicles can be affected and are simply trying to convince people to buy their products by providing misinformed and absurd hair loss theories.

2) It Is Not from the United States

Just because a product is not from the United States does not make it any better than the local product you are buying. If the chief goal of a hair loss company’s advertisement is to tell you that they are selling an international product, then you best stay away from that product. It seems like they have nothing more to offer than exotic, foreign ingredients without giving explanations as to why they are superior to local ingredients.

3) It is a Really Old Remedy

Age old remedies can often be quite effective in preventing or stopping hair loss. However, if the hair loss product advertisers fail to explain why the old remedy is better than the new ones, then there is no valid reason for you to put your trust in their product. Ancient remedies are not meant to be better.

4) Award Winning Formula

“Our product has an award winning formula”. You need to ask them exactly what award they have won. Chances are, you will never receive a decent reply. Did they win the Oscars or the Grammys? Perhaps they brought home the “Spammys”.

5) Anonymous Testimonial

“Mr. J.F thinks that our product is the best in the current market”. Testimonials such as these are quite evidently shady. Why are they hiding the customer’s name or revealing it in initials? Just because a few anonymous testimonials speak in praise of the product does not mean that it is good or worth your money. Ambiguous or anonymous testimonials are almost always a clear sign that the hair loss treatment that is being offered is a complete scam.