“Taking Care of Coloured Hair: 5 Tips for You to Follow”

Coloured hair deserves special care. The reason for that is because the hair has undergone a chemical treatment. Besides, if you fail to take good care of your coloured hair, then your hair would begin to lose its visual appeal. This would defeat the purpose of applying hair colour dye in the first place. People colour their hair for a variety of reasons. Some do it for honourable causes. For example, many people dye their hair green to show their love for the environment. Others dye their hair pink in support of breast cancer research. Generally speaking, the hair dye is meant to upgrade the overall look of an individual. If you are not satisfied with your natural hair colour, then you could embrace a different colour that would suit you more.

Most people make the assumption that applying the hair dye is enough to bring about a massive change in their appearance. There is no denying the fact that changing your hair colour will have a huge impact on how you look. But the question is, for how long? If you want to hold on to the heightened visual appeal that is associated with hair colour dyes, you need to learn the art of keeping your colour treated hair in a fantastic condition. Here are some valuable tips that can help you achieve that:

1) Use a High Quality Protecting Shampoo

In most cases, it is preferable for people to stick to a shampoo that has been working really well on their hair. However, when you undergo a change in hair colour, it might a good idea to consider a change in the shampoo that you are using. As previously mentioned, colour treated hair requires extra care. This extra care cannot be provided unless you are using a high quality shampoo that is meant to protect colour treated hair. There are several brands in the market that manufacture such shampoos. You just need to get your hands on a product that fits your budget and fulfils the requirements of your hair.

2) Use a Colour Protecting Conditioner

If you are going to change your shampoo after applying the hair colour dye, then you might as well start using a different conditioner. Using a good conditioner is vital to maintaining the balance of moisture in your hair. Once this balance is lost, your hair will either turn too greasy or too dry. These are conditions that you don’t want to develop if you really care about your hair. Once you undergo a change in the hair colour, your hair is likely to be exposed to several abrasive chemicals, including the likes of ammonia. To limit the damage sustained by your hair, you should use a colour protecting conditioner. Such a conditioner will allow your hair to retain its moisture, natural shine and lustre, while nourishing the hair from the inside.

3) Homemade Hair Masks

The importance of a homemade hair mask in protecting your new hair colour and holding on to its vibrancy cannot simply be stressed enough. A hair mask should be use at least once a week. If that is too much work for you, then try to fit in two hair mask sessions every month. The purpose of a hair mask or a protein mask is to replenish the hair and make sure that it receives a healthy supply of nutrients. There are several types of hair masks that you can prepare at home. Our advice would be to go for the ones that contain bananas and honey or egg and mayonnaise.

4) Forget about Blow Drying

It is impossible to imagine living a modern life without using a blow dryer. But there were times when people were able to easily dry their hair without using any such appliances. Once you get your hair coloured, you should consider doing the same. Any styling tool which applies heat to your hair is not good for the health of your hair. The blow dryer isn’t an exception. If you want to lock in those colours for an extended period of time, then simply dry your hair naturally. It is by far the better option.

5) Minimize Contact with Chlorinated Water

The most important aspect of keeping your hair colour protected is to minimize contact with chemicals that will cause the colours to fade away and will make your hair suffer from damage. This is something that you need to keep in mind when you go for a swim in the pool. Nearly every swimming pool in the world contains chlorinated water. The chlorine ions in the water can actually alter the colour of your hair. Therefore, you are advised to avoid swimming sessions for at least a couple of weeks after you have dyed your hair.