Teen Hair Loss: What are the Reasons for It?

Teen Hair Loss: What are the Reasons for It?

When we talk about hair loss, we often discuss it in gender specific terms. In other words, if a person was to suggest a list of hair loss products for you, he or she would divide the list into male hair loss products and female hair loss products. The same applies for discussions on causes and consequences of hair loss. If you go through the educational materials on hair loss that are available on the internet, you are bound to come across a number of articles, blogs and eBooks that specifically cater to hair loss victims of a particular gender. Part of the reason why information on hair loss is so gender specific is because that is how the hair care industry wants it to be. Unisex hair loss and hair care products are quite a rarity. The convenience stores and other retail outlets are filled with shampoos, topical creams, oils and balms that either appeal to men or women. This begs the question; are we not being too narrow with our approach towards categorizing and dividing the victims of hair loss?

Discussions on hair loss should not only be gender specific. They should be age specific as well. People of different ages are vulnerable to different kinds of hair loss. The kind of medical disorders or ailments that cause hair loss in a child are usually not the same as the ones that cause hair loss in an adult person above the age of 35. People often address the issue of hair loss being a growing concern among young adults in their 20s. It is assumed that people in this age group are very conscious about their looks. People in their 20s also have the money to spend on hair loss and hair care products, which is why they are a major part of the target audience of the hair care industry. There is nothing wrong with focusing on marketing your products to young adults. However, this approach makes the hair care industry to turn a blind eye towards teenagers.

Teenagers too, much like children and adults, are vulnerable to certain types of hair loss. In fact, hair loss is a huge unaddressed problem among teenagers. It has the potential to decrease the quality of their lives significantly because of the amount of importance that teenagers place on outside appearance and looks. Could you imagine how difficult it would be for a fifteen year old girl to deal with hair loss at such a tender age? Addressing the teenage hair loss problem begins with knowing its causes. Here are the four most common reasons for teenage hair loss:

1) Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes is one of the most common causes of hair loss in both teenagers and adults. In fact, hormonal imbalance can trigger hair loss in even in a fifty year old woman when she is going through her menopause. In the case of teenagers, the hormonal fluctuations begin from puberty onwards. Puberty is a time when the body needs additional support to manage the hormonal imbalance and keep the fluctuations under control. In other words, proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and vitamin supplementation is required to keep the body of a teenager healthy during this critical phase in his or her life. Given the fact that a lot of the teenagers today have very poor sleeping and eating habits, it comes as no surprise that more and more teens are falling prey to hair loss induced by undesirable hormonal changes.

2) Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is one of the biggest problems that have gripped America over the last couple of decades. To keep a lid on this problem, teenagers are encouraged to use contraceptives as much as they can. Contraception amongst teenage girls involves the use of birth control pills. These medications have the potential to cause hormonal imbalance in the body which has lead to significant hair loss in numerous young girls over the years.

3) Extreme Diets and Malnutrition

Malnutrition among teenagers in the West has a stronger association with psychological disorders such as bulimia and anorexia than with poverty. As more and more teenagers resort to crash diets to fit into the zero sized jeans, the rate of malnutrition induced hair loss keeps increasing. For those of you who are not aware, an inadequate supply of nutrients to the hair can lead to significant hair loss.

4) Traction Alopecia

Teenage is the perfect time for young people to start experimenting with their hair. Some of the hairstyles that they choose for themselves can exert severe pressure on the hair shafts and cause the hair follicles to loosen their hold on the strands. These also put a fair amount of stress on the scalp. The end result is traction alopecia. This condition can also be caused by the use of hair colouring dyes, bleaching solutions and hot styling tools which are quite popular choices among teenagers.