The Dos and Donts of Hiding Your Receding Hairline

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiding Your Receding Hairline

Male pattern baldness does not look good one anyone. You might fancy the bald look that certain celebrities flaunt off confidently, but the fact of the matter is that superstars with gleaming, dense and beautiful hair are the ones who are more favoured in the eyes of the fans than those who are struggling with hair loss. The same theory applies for the common man. The receding hairline is something that can snatch the charm and the elegance away from a man’s appearance. Undoubtedly, the growing forehead does not do men any favours when they are looking to impress the ladies or even when they are trying to look good for their own sake.

The receding hairline is one of the biggest problems associated with male pattern baldness, and unfortunately there is no quick permanent fix to this predicament. In fact, re-growing hair on the frontal part of your head that has been left bald by consistent hair loss will take a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, instead of concentrating on regenerating your hair growth, you should focus on how you can manage your receding hairline the way it is.

The simplest and easiest solution to this quandary is trying to hide your receding hairline in a few clever ways. If you are not sure of how to go about this, then here is a list of dos and don’ts that will help you keep the symptoms of male pattern baldness on a tight leash.

The Don’ts

The don’ts of hiding your male pattern baldness are actually more important than the dos. A lot of men resort to over elaborate ways of hiding their hair loss. More often than not, these fancy tricks fail to serve their purpose and end up causing a ton of embarrassment and humiliation. The following are four things that you should avoid under all circumstances if you do not want people to mock your baldness.

1) Do Not Comb the Hair Straight Back

When you comb the hair straight backwards, it makes your forehead look even bigger. In other words, it becomes quite evident that you are struggling with hair loss and that your frontal hairline is receding at a rapid rate. Also, tight hairstyles such as these are not favourable for preventing hair loss. They lead to hair damage and breakage, which eventually causes hair fall. The reason why most people comb their hair straight backwards is to cover up the bald spots. However, this does not make much of a difference since exposing the receding hairline makes you look older than you are. This hairstyle is also not a big hit with the ladies in the club.

2) Do Not Use Hair Gel

Using gel will do very little to hide your baldness. In fact, it draws more attention towards the bald spots. This is because gel tends to clump your hair together. Unless your hair is spread out, the bald spots will be very easily visible. In short, using gel will make you look “balder”.

3) No Mullets

Some people try to grow a mullet or keep their hair long in the back to compensate for the lack of hair at the top and the front sections of the scalp. This is a horrendous idea to say the least. Not only will this make your baldness more evident, but it will give off the impression that you have a horrible sense of fashion and are stuck in the 80s. Some ladies actually find this look quite frightening and distasteful. Unbalanced hairstyles must be avoided when you are trying to hide your bald spots.

4) No Comb Over

This is the worst of the lot. The comb over hairstyle is characterized by long hair grown on one side of the head, which is used to cover up the bald patch on top of the scalp. This is pretty much the biggest hairstyle disaster that you can go through. It was a popular way of managing male pattern baldness back in the old days when men had less regard for fashion and when women were not so critical of appearances. If you try this out today, you will literally be flushing your chances of landing a date down the toilet.


The dos are a lot easier to keep track of than the don’ts. Here are a couple of simple things that you need to do to let people know that you are still young and good looking:

1) Visit a Good Hairdresser

Once you are done with your appointment with the hair loss consultant, you need to fix a date with an expert hairdresser. The hairdresser will help you achieve a hairstyle that will effectively hide your baldness and help you fit in with the good looking men more easily. There are three excellent hairstyles that you can choose to cover up your receding hairline. These are the Ceasar Haircut, the Buzz cut and the Crew cut.

2) Use Mousse and Conditioner

The use of mousse will give more “body” to your hair and make it appear fluffier than it is. Be careful not to overuse it, for you might just end up looking like Donald Trump. The conditioner can produce similar results. Try to pick mousse and conditioners that are infused with natural ingredients.