The Psychological Impact of Having Damaged Hair

When something goes terribly wrong with your body, it almost always leaves its mark on your mind. Unless that problem is fixed, you can’t stop thinking about. You become apprehensive, nervous, tensed and fearful. All of these overwhelming emotions can take a toll on your mind and make you behave in a way that is not consistent with your natural personality traits. Women in particular have a knack of getting really worried when they realize that their hair is no longer as smooth, silky and soft as it once was.

It is completely natural for a woman to feel stressed out about damaged hair. After all, hair has traditionally been an integral part of women’s beauty. Hair loss and hair damage are therefore two things that can terrify a woman to her bones. Often, the two problems are bundled together. The reason for that is because hair damage is considered often precedes hair loss. If your damaged hair remains unattended, then those brittle and dry hair strands will eventually fall off the scalp resulting in significant hair loss. When you take all of these into account, it becomes much clearer why women stress over damaged hair.

There are certain hair related conditions or illnesses that you can’t really do much about. For example, it is very difficult for a woman to completely prevent hair loss during periods of hormonal imbalances (such as pregnancy). When it comes to hair damage however, you are completely in control of your own destiny. Most women become mentally weaker when they notice that their hair has lost the softness and lustre that it once had. You can’t afford to do that if you want to give yourself a realistic chance of recovering from hair damage. The following are some helpful tips that will allow you to address the psychological impact of having damaged hair:

1) Stop the Denial

There are many women who live in denial. They simply can’t accept the fact that their hair is frizzy, dry and visually unpleasant. They believe that they are still enjoying the glory days of having beautiful, vibrant and velvety hair. This needs to stop. Come to your senses and realize the fact that your hair is no longer as wonderful as it once was. Don’t avoid looking at your hair when you stare at the mirror. Perhaps you are afraid of undertaking the several challenges involved in recovering from damaged hair. But that should not stop you from facing the reality and accepting the facts.

2) Acknowledge Your Mistakes

You cannot always blame the internal and external factors that are beyond your control for your damaged hair. Accept the fact that some blame rests on your shoulders as well. Whenever a woman suffers from damaged hair, there is a very high chance that this has been caused by the poor lifestyle choices that she has been making. Perhaps, you have not been careful about limiting your hair’s exposure to pollutants and contaminants. Perhaps, you have been using mediocre synthetic products that contain harmful, abrasive chemicals for your hair. Perhaps, your imbalanced diet has cut down the supply of essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Whichever the case is, you need to embrace the fact that your poor choices in life have put you in this position. This will make you feel more responsible and strengthen your determination to reverse the damage that your hair has sustained over the years.

3) Pay Least Attention to Negative Comments

Women tend to be quite competitive when it comes to hair care. If someone has better hair than you do, then they will most probably drive the point home and make you realize that your hair is no match. What’s worse is that some ladies will not hesitate to openly criticize your frizzy, dry and coarse hair. Their condescending tone is really hard to digest for someone who is struggling to recover from damaged hair. Under these circumstances, the best option for you is to completely ignore any negative comment that comes your way. You are not a celebrity or a fashion model that has to listen to criticism about their looks. If you are having a bad hair day, it is your problem. Others have no business talking to your about your hair unless their hair care suggestions are genuinely helpful.

4) Keep Your Hair Short

You may be one of those girls who are in love with having long hair. But this love of yours has to go away once you realize that your hair is severely damaged. The lengthier your hair is, the more split ends, tangles and frizz you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis. The sight of tangled hair or split ends can be really demoralizing. It will only serve to make you a more upset individual. Hence, the smarter option is to cut your hair short and make your bad hair days a little less terrible.