These 5 Hair Loss Facts Will Change Your Perception of Baldness

These 5 Hair Loss Facts Will Change Your Perception of Baldness

Developments in medical science and technology are helping people live longer lives. However, an extended lifespan does have several disadvantages that people ignore or refuse to talk about. One of these is balding. The longer a man lives, the higher are his chances of seeing himself go completely bald.

Back in the old days, men did not have a major issue with going through hair loss and becoming bald. In fact some cultures regarded balding or hair loss as a sign of masculine maturity. Things have become much different nowadays. Hair loss can affect a man on numerous levels. For some, it is just a simple of growing old and leaving their youth behind. For others, it is a confidence and self esteem killer which can lead to long term emotional unrest.

Millions of men and women around the world are seeking for more effective solutions to their hair loss problems. You will be surprised to know that the surgical hair restoration industry is estimated to be somewhere around a billion dollar business. Now that is something you do not get to learn about every day. Read on to find out five more astounding hair loss facts.

1) Rate of Male Pattern Baldness Matches the Decade of Your Life

This is a very strange coincidence that many people around the world are not aware of. If you are the kind of person who likes statistics, then you will be absolutely amused or terrified (depending on how old you are) to know that the incidence of male pattern baldness matches the decade of life that you are in.

Was that too much technical information for you to digest? Let us break it down for your convenience. If you are in your 20s, then there is a 20% chance of you suffering from male pattern baldness. If you are in your 30s, then the incidence of male pattern baldness goes up to 30%. This pattern follows all the way into your 90s. No wonder you do not see too many 90 year old men with a head full of beautiful hair.

2) One in Seven Men Have Genes that Increase Their Chances of Going Bald

A genome wide study that was conducted on more than 1,125 white men who suffered from male pattern baldness revealed that one in seven men have unfavourable genes that drastically increase their chances of going bald even before they reach an age of senility. In more specific terms, there is a pair of genetic variants on one of the chromosomes that raise the risk of hair loss at an early age.

The next time you see a group of seven young male friends hanging out at the club, you can be pretty sure that at least one of them will end up being called “baldy” before his 40th birthday.

3) Hair Loss is the No. 1 Concern for 90% of the Men

If you are a man, then chances are that the primary concern in your life is your premature balding. When men start to lose their hair, they begin to lose their patience and composure as well. If you are in the same boat as 90% of the men, then you need to stop letting your hair loss overwhelm you mentally. Sure, you should always be on the lookout for effective treatments. However, the more you fret or stress about it, the further you will aggravate your hair loss.

4) Two Thirds of All Men Will Suffer Hair Loss by 35

There hardly seems to be any escape to hair loss for men. No matter how meticulous you are about taking care of your hair, eating healthy foods and reducing stress, there will be a 66% chance of your hair thinning out by the time you are 35. Perhaps that is the reason why a lot of men try to settle down with the lady of their dreams before they hit their 30s.

5) 50% of a Man’s Hair is Already Gone Before Hair Loss Is Noticed

This is by far the most surprising thing about hair loss that you will hear all day long. It is the kind of information that puts men around the world on alert and makes them frightful of the day when they have to stare at the reflection of a bald man on the mirror. By the time you notice that your hair is thinning out, you will already have lost 50% of the hair that you originally had.

The good news is that hair loss does not occur abruptly, not even the kind that is caused by male pattern baldness. It usually takes about a good number of years for a man to lose most of his hair. Therefore, there is plenty of time for men to smarten up and come up with innovative ways to prevent hair loss.