These 7 Things Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

The battle against hair loss consists of two very important parts. Firstly, you need to figure out ways in which you can slow down the progression of hair loss. Secondly, you need to boost the growth of existing hair on your scalp. You start losing your hair when the amount of hair you grow is exceeded by the amount of hair that falls off your scalp. The only way to reverse the balance is by making sure that the hair on your head is growing fast enough to cover up the bald patches. Are there are good life hacks that will help you grow your hair faster? There are definitely plenty of them out there. We are going to be sharing with you the top 10 methods of ensuring that your hair growth is genuinely enhanced:

1) Handling Your Hair With Care

People who are careless with their hair are never going to be able to stop or prevent hair loss. Hair is lost from the scalp when it becomes too weak to stay there. If you are unable to handle your hair with proper care, then you will be exposing your hair to damage which will only serve to further weaken it. Many people suffer from hair loss and a lot of them end up being bald. The ones that don’t are the ones who take the best care of their hair.

2) Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

We all know that it is very important to keep your hair clean and maintain proper scalp hygiene. However, washing your hair everyday is not going to be of much benefit to you. In fact, excessive washing may cause you to lose essential oils from the hair. These oils are responsible for keeping your hair naturally moisturized. When the natural moisture is lost from the hair, it becomes dry and brittle. It may sound ironic, but over exposure to water can actually dry your hair up!

3) Keeping Your Hair Trimmed

There is a very simple logic behind why people who are suffering from hair loss should keep their hair short. The shorter the hair is, the less likely it is to sustain damage. Every time your hair gets tangled, pulled or stuck, the physical bonds within the hair strands become weaker. The risk of physical damage to your hair increases with the increase in the length of the hair. Therefore, trimming your hair regularly and keeping it short will prevent your hair from suffering any unnecessary damage that could potentially lead to further hair loss.

4) Massaging the Scalp

For some, a scalp massage is nothing more than a luxury. For others, it is a dire necessity. The reason why scalp massage is so important to those who are suffering from hair loss is because it helps in improving the blood circulation near the scalp region. When the blood circulation is improved, the hair follicles and the cells in the scalp are supplied with an ample quantity of nutrients that are required for improved growth. You do not need to go to a professional masseuse to get your scalp treated. Just ask someone at home to get their fingers busy and give you a nice, relaxing massage for a few minutes.

5) Eating Healthy

The importance of eating healthy cannot be stressed enough. Every person in the world should eat healthy, fresh food that is beneficial to the body. However, people who are suffering from hair loss should be particularly meticulous about avoiding unhealthy food. This is because a lot of cases of hair loss stem from nutritional deficiencies. Eating nutritious food may not guarantee a complete recover from any nutritional deficiency, but it will certainly improve the condition of your hair loss and enhance hair growth to a certain extent.

6) Hair Growth Supplements

“Hair growth supplements” is a fancy name for vitamin and mineral supplements. The lack of certain vitamins or minerals in the body could cause hair growth to be stunted. Hair growth supplements do a pretty good job of helping you out with your hair loss quandary, but you can’t expect them to completely treat your hair loss condition. Furthermore, you should consult your general physician, your nutritionist or your hair loss consultant before adding hair growth supplements to your diet. There are many side effects of overdosing on supplements that you should be careful about.

7) Using Deep Conditioning Treatments

The hair loss or hair care industry in America is a billion dollar business. So much money could not have been earned by selling worthless products. There are plenty of good deep conditioning products out there that are ideal for those who are suffering from hair loss. Once again, these products may not be able to cure your hair loss. However, they will do a fantastic job of making sure that your hair is in a great condition, which makes it easier for your hair to grow rapidly.