Tips for Selecting the Perfect Shampoo to Manage Your Hair Loss

When dealing with hair loss, you need to adopt a proactive approach. This is what most people fail to do. People find it hard to think straight when they are faced with the challenge of holding on to the weakened hair that is falling off of the scalp. Some people are not even willing to do their research on hair loss, which can turn out to be a huge problem. When your hair is thinning out, you can’t wait for things to happen before taking any action. You need to assess the situation, understand the cause of your hair loss and come up with a solution before the problem grows beyond control.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are trying to manage hair loss is using shampoos that can’t really offer any help in this situation. Just because a shampoo is expensive and has been endorsed by a celebrity does not mean that it is great for your dwindling hair. The shampoo you select from the supermarket needs to be one that is appropriate for your hair and one that can fix your hair loss problems to a certain extent. In other words, your shampoo has to be hair-specific. The brand of shampoo you end up choosing will depend entirely on the type of hair loss you are going through and the kind of hair that you have on your head.

That being said, here are six helpful tips for selecting the ideal shampoo to control your hair loss:

1) Determining the Hair and Scalp Type

You cannot choose a shampoo without first pegging down your hair and scalp type. Determining the hair type is obviously a lot easier than understanding what kind of a scalp you have. If you are struggling to put your scalp in a particular category, seek the help of online educational materials or a hair loss consultant. Unless you get the scalp type spot on, your shampoo isn’t going to be of much help to you. The wrong shampoo selection will end up costing you precious time and money. You can never expect oily hair to be cleaned by a shampoo that has been designed for use by people with dry hair.

2) Choosing Shampoos that Provide Nourishment and Moisture

The lack of moisture and the lack of nourishment are two of the major reasons for which people end up with weak, brittle hair and a flaky scalp. Hence, it is very important for you to select a shampoo that contains the type of ingredients which are known to provide nourishment and moisture to the hair and the scalp. Examples of such ingredients include Shea butter, egg protein, soy milk and glycerine. Products that have a combination of many useful ingredients should be preferred above those that only contain a single helpful ingredient.

3) Choosing a Product for Oily Hair

The oily hair type requires shampoos that fulfil two specific criteria. The first deals with the pH balance. If the shampoo is not properly balanced, it can damage oily hair very easily. Secondly, the shampoo must not be too abrasive or harsh. Oily hair requires frequent washing so that it can exude a wonderful shine and glow. If you use an abrasive or harsh shampoo too often, you are going to end up damaging your hair. Remember, damaged hair is far more vulnerable to falling off the scalp.

4) Choosing a Product for Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, you should select a shampoo that does not contain a plethora of chemicals. Too many chemicals in a single product can cause your hair to become even drier. Light, refreshing shampoos with plenty of moisture on offer are the ones that you should be purchasing.

5) Choosing a Product for Curly Hair

Curly hair, much like oily and dry hair, requires special treatment. People with natural curls or a permanent perm should not use products that are commonly used by people with normal hair. You should go for shampoos that have high protein content or the ones that are specifically designed for moisturizing and conditioning curly hair. It goes without saying that maintaining curly hair is a pretty difficult job.

6) Choosing a Product for Normal Hair

Just because hair is ordinary does not mean that you have to settle for mediocre products. People who have no hair dryness issues can still lose their hair unless they use the right product to slow down the hair loss. If you have any scalp irritations, then buy a medicated shampoo that is enriched with tea tree oils. Tree tea oils are immensely helpful in alleviating scalp irritations. For everyday use, try a high quality mild shampoo that will soften and moisturize your hair.