Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Using a Blow Dryer

Human beings have a knack of turning a simple task into a high complicated one. This is because we are prone to errors. It is hard for people to get something done without making a few mistakes along the way. As the saying goes, it is human to err. But when it comes to hair care, the simplest of mistakes can turn out to be very costly especially if you keep repeating those mistakes over and over again.

You may not believe this, but a lot of people who own blow dryers simply don’t know how to blow dry their hair. In fact, you could be one of them. We are not saying that you are not competent or smart enough to handle a simple appliance. All we are saying is that you may be unaware of the basic blow drying techniques that you should follow in order to avoid making errors that can lead to severe hair damage. If you continue to damage your hair through the blow dryer, then you will eventually have to deal with hair loss sooner or later.

We have listed down four of the most common mistakes that people make. Perhaps you have been making one of them or all of them since you started using the blow dryer. Now is the perfect time to correct your mistakes and prevent any further hair damage caused by the hair dryer.

1) Not Sectioning the Hair

Regardless of whether you have thick hair or thin hair, you need to pay a lot of attention to how you blow dry your hair. The idea is to minimize the amount of time that you spend blow drying your hair. The more heat your hair is exposed to, the greater are the chances of you suffering from severe hair damage. If you want to speed up the process of blow drying your hair, then you can try organizing your hair before applying the heat. Start by combing your hair and getting rid of the tangles. Once you have done that, you can divide your hair into small sections. With less surface area to cover, it will be quicker for you to dry one section of your hair at a time. This will also prevent certain parts of the hair (for example the ones that grow at the front of your scalp) from being exposed to too much heat.

2) Selecting the Wrong Brush

The hair brush plays an instrumental role in deciding whether you are styling your hair in the correct way or not. You should completely avoid the use of heavy metal brushes, especially when you are blow drying your hair. If you recall lessons on the kinetic theory of energy from your elementary school physics classes, you will remember that metal is a very good conductor of heat. Thus, using a metal brush increases the risk of the brush getting overheated. This will expose your hair to further heat and lead to subsequent damage. The ideal hair brush for this purpose is one that is very well vented and has wider spaces between the teeth or the bristles. This allows cool air to flow into your hair and makes detangling a walk in the park. Also, when you are holding the brush, make sure that it is positioned vertically, while the blow dryer has a horizontal alignment. The reason why you should do this is because it gives your hair a natural lift instead of making it look flat and drab.

3) Blow Drying Hair that is Still Very Wet

The blow dryer is an appliance that is designed to remove the final bits of moisture stuck to your hair. It is not meant to evaporate all the water contained within very wet hair. Most of us apply the blow dryer on hair that is still soaked with water. This is a really silly move and it increases the amount of time for which your hair is exposed to the heat. Let your hair dry in the still air for a while before getting the blow dryer prepped for action. In fact, if you are not in a rush or have no place to go to, then there really isn’t a need to use the blow dryer.

4) Keeping the Blow Dryer Fixed In One Position

A blow dryer isn’t supposed to be at one place. For effective drying, you need to move it around as much as you can. Let the heat be distributed equally throughout the hair. If you are concentrating the heat on particular section of the hair, then you are asking for trouble. You should also be careful about not holding the hair dryer too close to the hair. This will turn your hair frizzy and brittle.