Top 5 Ways To Take Care of Your Naturally Black Hair

Some people say that naturally black hair is the most beautiful kind of hair out there. For the sake of our blonde, brunette and redhead readers, we aren’t going to consider any hair superior to the other. In fact, our belief is that each hair type is beautiful in its own way. Regardless of whether you have black hair or not, you should know that your hair is special and that it requires special care.

If you happen to have black hair, then there are certain steps that you need to take to make sure that your beautiful black hair keeps shining radiantly both indoors and outdoors. Holding onto the remarkable lustre of black hair is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. If you are struggling to do that, then we have a few easy tips for you to follow:

1) Hot Oil Massage

Regular hot oil massage is indispensable when it comes to the treatment of naturally black hair. We don’t quite understand why some people find it annoying to go through the routine of a weekly hot oil massage. If anything, it should be thoroughly enjoyable. There is a wide variety of essential oils that you can choose from including the likes of coconut oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. Once you are done picking your favourite natural ingredient, you can proceed to massaging your scalp and giving yourself a session of relaxation that you so desperately need. Not only will the hot oil massage improve the health of your hair, but it will also aid in physical and mental stress relief.

2) Black Hair Maintenance Pack

There are certain key natural ingredients that you need to incorporate in your holistic hair care routine if you want your black hair to be smooth, silky and shiny. These ingredients can be combined together to form a remedy or hair maintenance pack.

To prepare this maintenance pack, you will require half a cup of dry gooseberry powder, half a cup of fenugreek powder, one whole egg (well beaten), half a cup of sour yogurt (don’t settle for cheap brands) and a slice of lemon cut in half.

The fenugreek and gooseberry powder should be diluted with tea liquor. Leave the mixture overnight. Next day, add the other ingredients that have been mentioned. Create the perfect blend and apply the mixture on your hair. The mixture should remain on your hair for the better of half an hour. Wash off the mixture with cold water.

3) Avoiding Heat Exposure

Hot styling tools are not good for any kind of hair, but they are particularly harmful to black hair. If like the natural black colour of your hair and if you plan on retaining it for several years down the road, then our advice would be to completely avoid the use of appliances such as curlers, straighteners and blow dryers. The idea is to minimize the exposure to heat and keep your hair well protected. Naturally black hair can become really frizzy and dry when exposed to an overwhelming amount of heat.

4) Keratin Treatment

Your hair is made up of a particular type of protein called keratin. This is the reason why a vast number of hair care products are enriched with keratin. They are meant to support the growth of your hair and maintain the structure of each individual hair strand. Most people with black hair usually do not require a keratin treatment. Problems arise when they start using styling gels and styling tools obsessively. This leads to the lost of keratin from the hair. Once the keratin is lost, the hair becomes much weaker. If you are facing such problems, then you should book a keratin treatment session at a good hair care salon once every 2 months. The occasional sessions of keratin treatment will restore the natural colour of your hair and revive its lost strength.

A lot of people hesitate to sign up for keratin treatment as these sessions can be quite expensive. We aren’t going to deny the fact that you would probably have to pay a lot of money for this type of hair maintenance. However, if you have damaged your hair by using way too many hot styling tool and gels, then you should really consider making this investment. As long as you are visiting a well reputed hair care salon, your investment will be worth it.

5) Supplements

Supplements can be quite handy in maintaining the health of your naturally black hair. Supplements provide your hair with nutrients that aren’t being sourced from your regular diet. These nutrients are required for the continued growth of your naturally black hair. Nutritional deficiency can turn your hair weak and cause it to lose its lustre.