Two Simple and Easy Home Remedies for Hair Breakage

According to some economic experts, this is the age of consumer convenience. In other words, we live in an era where consumers want everything spoon fed to them. This is the reason why all-in-one products are so popular in the market. The rule of consumer convenience applies to the hair loss industry as well. You can come across a number of hair care and hair loss products in the market that promise to solve a myriad of hair related problems. Such features attract the attention of the consumers. Why would you want to pay for multiple products when you can enjoy all of their benefits in a single product? On the surface, bringing home these multi-functional products seems like a smart option. However, if you have done your research on hair loss, then you would know that hair loss conditions require specialized care. Different people suffer from different types of hair loss. Hence, you require a specialized solution for your specific hair loss problem.

Specialized products are becoming a rarity in the market today. You would have to visit some of the top hair salons in your state to grab hold of a product that has been specially designed to solve on particular problem. This may cost you a huge sum of money. A simpler alternative is to create your own specialized solutions for your hair loss problems. In other words, we are encouraging you to master the art of preparing homemade hair loss remedies. The remedies that we will be discussing today are extremely useful in treating hair breakage. Hair breakage or hair damage is one of the primary causes of hair loss in people today. If you can solve the problem of hair breakage early on, then you may not have to go through severe hair loss.

It is worth noting that home remedies should be your number one approach to fixing the problem of hair breakage. There are three simple reasons for this. Firstly, home remedies for hair loss or hair damage are free from side effects since they are made with natural ingredients. Additionally, these remedies are cost effective, since they are being prepared at home, and can therefore be used for an extensive period of time. Last but not the least, the use of pure, natural ingredients boosts the effectiveness of the remedies to a great extent.

1) The Egg Treatment

Eggs are one of the most useful ingredients when it comes to combating hair loss and hair damage. They are filled with quite a few essential nutrients that are absolutely essential for hair growth and damage repair. For starters, eggs contain an ample amount of lecithin and proteins. These two nutrients ensure that the shine of your hair is not lost. They also improve the overall texture of your hair and repair damages that have been caused by exposure to heat, sunlight, abrasives or external forces.

There are various ways in which you can approach the egg treatment. The best concoction that you can prepare is one that consists of 3 eggs, a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil. If you want, you could add a few drops of rosemary oil into the mixture to give it some oomph. Gently apply the mixture on your scalp (you could use a brush). Leave the mixture on your hair for at least 30 minutes. Use a mild, scented shampoo to wash off the mixture and alleviate the smell of the eggs.

You don’t have to apply this remedy every day of the week. Just make sure that you prepare and apply the egg treatment once every three days.

2) Castor and Corn Oil Treatment

Castor oil and corn oil seems like a bizarre combination, but it is one that can work wonders for your hair. Both of them are natural oils that are extremely good at restoring the moisture of your hair and reducing breakage and brittleness. In addition to that, castor oil and corn oil are wonderful sources of nourishment. They will prevent your hair follicles from becoming malnourished.

Preparing this treatment involves a bit of work. At first, you will need to combine 2 tablespoons of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of corn oil. The mixture should then be warmed at low heat. Once the oil is warm enough, your scalp a relaxing hot oil massage. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to do it for you. Don’t just massage your hair for the sake of it. You have to make sure that the oil reaches nearly every single hair strand on your scalp.

Continue the hot oil massage for about 5 minutes before wrapping your hair with a hot towel or a shower cap. This will give the corn and castor oil an opportunity to penetrate your scalp deeply. You can rinse off the oil with lukewarm water and shampoo after 20 minutes. However, our advice would be to leave it overnight. If you decide to leave it overnight, then applying this treatment once a week should be good enough to repair hair damage within a couple of months.