Types of Treatment for Female Receding Hairline

It is very common and completely understandable for women with receding hairline to start panicking about their hair loss. Nobody wants a receding hairline in their life, let alone a woman who is in her 30s or 40s. Women aged above 50 usually become more accepting of the fact that the loss of hair from their scalp will eventually cause them to develop a receding hairline. However, most women below that age will find it really difficult to embrace the fact that their hair is going to fall back to expose their bald scalp. It is a troubling situation to be in, but it should not force you to feel hopeless or helpless. There is help out there in the form of various kinds of treatments. You just need to make sure that you find the right type of help for your receding hairline.

As previously mentioned, there are different types of hair loss treatments that you can resort to stop your receding hairline or fix it. The reason why various approaches are used is because different cases require different methods of treatment. The treatment method that is going to work for a 50 year old woman suffering from post menopausal syndrome may not be too effective on a 30 year old pregnant woman who is going through a period of intense hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, the type of treatment that is going to be applied should be based on the specific cause of the receding hairline. If the cause of the hair loss is not taken into account, then the treatment is going to prove to be ineffective on the patient.

With early diagnosis and effective treatment, you can minimize the damage of a receding hairline to a great extent. The idea is to stop further hair loss and re-grow your hair in areas where all has not been lost. The following are some of the most common treatments for female receding hairline:

1) Hormone Therapy

The reason why hormone therapy is such an effective treatment is because hormonal imbalance is responsible for a large number of cases of female receding hairline. Hormonal therapy is a simple and efficacious way of making sure that your hormones are brought back to balance. If you undergo this therapy for a certain period of time, the hormone fluctuations in your body will be minimized. Hair loss and the falling back of the receding hairline will cease as well.

2) Levothyroxine Medications

This is something that you are probably not very familiar with. People with thyroid problems are prescribed levothyroxine medicine. The purpose of this medicine is to cure the dysfunctional thyroid gland. In doing so, it prevents and restricts hair loss. Problems in the thyroid are one of the chief causes of hair loss in both men and women. The hair loss that stems from thyroid problems occurs in a specific pattern, which is now recognized as a receding hairline. If your thyroid problems are solved, your hair loss issues will be fixed as well.

3) Minoxidil and Propecia

These are one of the most popular hair loss treatments that you can get your hands on. These products are the emblems of the hair care and hair loss industry that makes over a billion dollars every year. The popularity of these products should not be an indicator of their effectiveness. Frankly speaking, these products are fairly effective, but they do not guarantee results. The important thing for you to understand is that many women with receding hairlines have benefited from the use of Minoxidil and Propecia. Before purchasing any one of these products, you should carefully read through their list of ingredients and side effects so that you don’t end up inviting more problems for your precious body.

4) Hair Strengthening Conditioners and Shampoos

Shampoos and conditioners will not solve all your hair problems on their own. They need to be used in combination with other effective hair loss treatments. That being said, there is no better way to keep your hair clean and healthy than by using a good quality shampoo along with an equally impressive conditioner. With the expansion of the hair loss industry, there are plenty of different varieties of hair loss shampoos that you can find in the market. Buy a product that best suits your hair type and your hair loss condition. Don’t go after generic shampoos and conditioners because the concept of a “one-size-fit-all solution” does not exist in the hair loss industry.

5) Hair Transplant

This isn’t as much of a treatment as it is a method of artificial recovery. People with extreme cases of receding hairline (where the hairline has gone back by at least 5 inches) should consider getting a hair transplant. Hair transplant technology has vastly improved over the years, but the procedure itself still remains quite exclusive in terms of accessibility and availability.