Using Garlic Shampoo to Treat Your Hair Loss Problem

Using Garlic Shampoo to Treat Your Hair Loss Problem

When people think of garlic, they either think of food or vampires. This is how limited our knowledge of this vegetable is. There are numerous uses of garlic that most us are not acquainted with. In fact, garlic can help us out in ways that we could have never imagined. For example, if you are frustrated and sad about your thinning hair and growing bald patches, then garlic is something that you could use to turn around your fortunes and improve your appearance. For those of you who are looking for a natural remedy for hair loss, garlic shampoo is an item that should be on the top of your list.

Why Should You Use Garlic Shampoo?

As mentioned before, garlic is mainly associated with cooking delicious meals. Most people assume that its uses are restricted to the kitchen. What people fail to realize is that garlic is an extremely versatile ingredient. It is not just good for cooking, but can also be useful as a substance that possesses dominant antibacterial and medicinal properties. This is the reason why people from ancient civilizations would prefer the use of garlic for treating a number of different skin ailments and physical disorders.

If your scalp and hair aren’t in a great condition, then the use of garlic is something that you should definitely take into consideration. Research has proven that garlic extract based shampoo can help in alleviating scalp infections and improving the overall health of the hair. When hair is kept healthy, its growth is significantly enhanced. On the flipside of the coin, unhealthy hair is prone to damage and hair loss.

When you take into account the fact that garlic can prove to be an essential ingredient when fighting hair loss with natural remedies, it becomes clear to you why people are using garlic shampoo. The idea of using garlic shampoo might sound a little bizarre initially. However, once you grasp a basic understanding of the benefits that garlic holds for your hair, then you will be inclined towards giving garlic extract based shampoos a try.

Will Garlic Shampoos Exude a Pungent Smell?

Even the most immaculate natural remedies for hair loss have their fair share of cons. When it comes to garlic shampoos however, the only major disadvantage that you have to deal with when using it is the pungent smell of garlic. Now there are a lot of foodies who are actually a big fan this aroma, but most people would consider this smell as nothing more than an unpleasant pungent odour. If you are concerned about your hair smelling bad due to the use of garlic shampoo, then you do have the option of purchasing deodorized garlic shampoo from convenience stores or specialized stores that sell organic shampoos. That being said, it is important to remember that there are always questions marks over the efficacy of hair care products that are store bought. If you decide to buy such products, at least make sure that you go through the list of ingredients to find out how much garlic is present in the shampoo. There is no point in buying a shampoo that mostly comprises of synthetic chemicals and contains minute quantities of garlic.

Benefits of Using Garlic Shampoo

Now that you are familiar with the one major disadvantage of using garlic shampoos, it is time that you learn about the several benefits you can derive by using this natural hair loss remedy.

For starters, the use of garlic shampoo on a regular basis can boost the health of your hair and scalp. As mentioned before, maintaining the health of the hair (as well as that of the scalp) is of great importance in ensuring that you stay as far away from hair loss problems as you possibly can.

The second benefit that you should know of is that using garlic shampoo relieves itching on the scalp. Itching on the scalp can force you to aggressively and incessantly scratch the surface of your scalp. This damages the skin and the roots of the hair, leading to hair fall.

The third major benefit of replacing conventional shampoo with garlic shampoo is that it puts an end to the thinning of hair. The thinner your hair strands are, the more likely they are to fall out of the scalp. Thick, strong hair strands are what you need to keep those beautiful locks of hair on your head.

In addition to these, some studies suggest that garlic has the potential to repair damaged hair.

Instructions to Use Garlic Shampoo

Cleaning your hair and scalp with garlic shampoo thrice a week should be enough to bring back the strength, lustre and smoothness of your hair. For those who have dirty and greasy hair, using garlic shampoo four times a week is a wise option. When applying the shampoo on your hair, make sure that you work up a lather and keep the shampoo on for a minimum of three to four minutes. Once this is done, you could use aromatic hair conditioners to get rid of the pungent smell.