Using the Evening Primrose Oil to Treat Your Hair Loss

Natural hair loss remedies versus synthetic hair loss medications will always be a hotly debated topic. If seek the counsel of anyone who works in the pharmaceutical industry, they will be quick to advise you on using one of the many artificial hair loss treatments that are available in the market today. Rogaine and Propecia are examples of two of the most popular and successful products that cater to those who are looking for an advanced solution to their hair loss problems. On the other side, you have the age old natural remedies that serve as time tested treatments for your hair loss ailment.

Natural Remedies Are Simply the Better Option

The reason why natural remedies should be preferred over the synthetic products is because they don’t come with false promises of overnight cures. Most vendors who sell you natural hair loss remedies will not make you believe that their oil or concoction is going to make your hair grow back in the blink of an eye. Natural remedies are also free from side effects. This means that you do not have to worry about dealing with health complications while trying to fix your hair loss condition. Last but not the least, natural remedies are far less expensive than synthetic products, which makes them ideal for use as a long term hair loss solution. None of this changes the fact that there are plenty of hair loss products and medications out there that are impressively effective and have yielded surprisingly positive results. However, sticking to reliable natural remedies when you are faced with the challenge of salvaging your dwindling hair is definitely the better option.

Why Should You Opt for Evening Primrose Oil?

There are many different natural remedies for hair loss out there. It seems as though every ancient culture and civilization had their own version of a natural hair loss treatment. Among all the remedies that were invented or discovered, only a few were able to stand the test of time and stay relevant till today. A prime example of such a natural remedy for hair loss is the evening primrose oil. This is not exactly the most talked or read about natural product to combat hair loss. However, it is just as effective as any other product you may have used in the past.

Facts About Primrose Oil You Should Know

The evening primrose oil has some incredible attributes that are strong enough to slow down the progression of many different types of hair loss. As the name suggests, the primrose oil is sourced from the seeds of yellow primrose wildflower. What makes these seeds so special? Each and every single seed of the yellow primrose wildflower is packed with essential fatty acids and GLA (abbreviation for gamma-linolenic acid). For those of you who are not aware of what GLA is, it is a specific type of omega 6 fatty acid that is known to stimulate the regeneration of skin and aid hair growth.

Moreover, the primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in preventing the development of scalp infections caused by the accumulation of bacteria, fungus, yeast and dandruff.

You would also be delighted to know that the primrose oil serves as a comprehensive tonic for a wide range of hair problems. If you use primrose oil on a regular basis, the impoverished condition of your scalp will improve significantly. Most importantly, the primrose oil has the ability to regenerate hair growth by stimulating hair follicles that have become incredibly weak.

Furthermore, the primrose oil is enriched with antioxidants that play a very important role in nourishing the scalp. It is also worth knowing that the specific attributes of primrose oil have been proven to be specifically helpful for women. Men too can use it on a regular basis to get rid of hair loss. However, the women can hugely benefit from this oil as it significantly contributes to hair growth during troubling times such as pregnancy, menopause and hyperthyroidism.

How to Use Primrose Oil

There is a variety of ways in which you can apply primrose oil to your hair. The following are two different methods of treating your hair loss with primrose oil:

a) The simplest and perhaps the most effective way of using primrose oil is by applying it directly onto your scalp. Once you have applied the oil, massage your scalp to let the oil spread all over the hair. A regular primrose oil massage will not only fix your hair loss problems, but also help you out with dandruff, lice, yeast and other fungal infections.

b) Primrose oil can also be consumed directly. The ideal daily dosage for primrose oil is 6gm to 8gm. 4 gm of primrose oil proves to be enough to correct hormonal imbalances in your body.