Watch Out For These 3 Hair Care and Hair Loss Myths

We are currently living in the age of information technology. The internet is one of our primary means of communication. This is quite advantageous for marketers and entrepreneurs who are trying to sell a product that they may not be able to advertise on television or on the billboards. The internet offers cheap advertisement and marketing opportunities for small and medium businesses. Speaking of small and medium businesses, the entire hair loss industry, which is currently worth around a billion dollars, is largely made up of newly established businesses that very far away from being the major corporations that sit at the pinnacle of this industry. The owners of these small and medium businesses are pretty good at marketing their product, but they fall short in terms of communicating accurate information. This lack of accurate information on the internet through content marketing has led to the birth of numerous hair loss myths.

The people who suffer from hair loss are one of the most vulnerable folks that you can ever come across. If you are experiencing hair loss, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Anyone who sees their hair fall off their scalp enters a zone of desperation. You no longer care about how legitimate the information on hair loss is. You just want someone to increase your store of knowledge so that you have a better understanding of your hair loss condition. This is a very bad situation to be in. If you end up believing the myths that are concocted by people willingly or unknowingly, then you are going to end up choosing the wrong hair loss treatment. This can prove to be very costly in the long run, in every sense of the word.

Have you come across the following myths? Did you believe in them? It is time for you to purify your knowledge of hair care and hair loss:

1) Cutting Your Hair Often Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

There are very few myths about hair loss and hair care that are as widespread as this one. This is the kind of information that you have heard from a lot of different people, starting from the annoying accountant at your office to your own grandmother. Since so many people are talking about it, there must be some degree of truth to it. The answer is no. Scientifically speaking, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that cutting your hair frequently will enhance the growth of your hair. Think of it in a logical manner. You may not have a degree in biology, but you can still comprehend why it is impossible for there to be a connection between the amount of times you cut your hair and the growth rate of your hair. The growth rate of your hair is influenced by how well you take care of it. This involves keeping the scalp and the hair follicles nourished. In the absence of nourishment, no amount of cutting your hair will cause your hair strands to grow faster. You can now save money by cutting down on your trips to the barber shop, and spend this money on hair loss products that will actually benefit you.

2) You Need to Keep Changing Your Shampoo

Your shampoo isn’t your phone. You may feel the need to constantly upgrade your cellular device to stay in touch with the modern trends. However there is absolutely no need for you to keep looking for new shampoo alternatives. First of all, it is very difficult and painstaking to find a shampoo that is ideal for your hair type and your hair loss condition. Therefore, when you stumble across the right product, you should stick with it as long as it keeps performing on a satisfactory level. It would be silly to discard a product that is producing positive results for your hair. Changing your shampoo on a weekly or monthly basis will lead to unnecessary expenditure. It will also cause you to get more stressed out, which can turn out to be really bad for your hair. Last but not the least, exposure to the different chemicals in different shampoos could quite potentially lead to a negative reaction in your scalp.

3) Cold Water Improves Hair Health

The main focus of any individual who is going through hair loss should be to improve the health of the hair. Unless your hair is healthy, it cannot grow properly. Nutritional deficiency will almost always hold back the growth of your hair. This is a very bad thing to say the least. Under these circumstances, a lot of people resort to rinsing their hair with cold water. Even though you are recommended to avoid exposure to hot water, rinsing your hair with cold water constantly isn’t going to do any good either. It is certainly not going to improve the health of your hair or make the hair shinier.