What Are Some of the Best Brands of Green Hair Dye?

Your hair style defines your sense of fashion. Changing the appearance of your hair brings about a massive change in your overall look. Most people are under the impression that hair styling only involves trimming the hair or growing it long in certain parts. As much of a difference as a hair cut makes, you need to understand that colouring hair can give you an amazing makeover and will make you look absolutely stunning.

Why Go Green?

Once you have made up your mind about colouring your hair, you need to select a hair colour dye that will bring out the best in you. When it comes to hair colour dyes, there are few options that are as appealing as the green hair colour dye. Green hair colour dyes may not have been very popular during the 80s or the 90s (in fact, it was probably taboo to colour your hair green back in those days). However, the conventions that spoke against green hair colour dye no longer exist in the modern society. You are pretty much free to dye your hair any way you want. One of the main reasons why people apply hair colour dye is because they want to attract more attention. This doesn’t necessarily make you an annoying attention seeker. It simply gives the impression that you are conscious about your appearance and you want people to appreciate the way you look. The green hair colour dye can help you achieve that. Not only is the green hair colour dye a part of the fashion trends that are becoming increasingly popular, but they are also deeply associated with the central theme of saving the environment. If you care about making the world a better place, then you could make a very strong statement by colouring your hair green.

Vibrant Hues May Suit You Better

If you want to colour your hair green, then you would perhaps prefer some of the more vibrant dyes that are available in the market. For example, the Stargazer Semi Permanent UV has become a loved product in recent times. Additionally, option for an extreme green hair dye can leave a significant mark on your hair and make your precious locks more eye-catching than ever before. Before you develop an in depth understanding of how the green hair colour dye affects your overall appearance, you need to first think about the kind of products you should buy when shopping for this hair dye. If you are not sure of what to purchase, then you have stumbled upon the right place. We have a selection of some of the finest green hair colour dyes that you can buy with your hard earned money.

Only the Best, And Nothing Else

We are not encouraging you to spend lavishly on hair care products. We completely understand how difficult it can be more for most consumers to maintain regular purchase of multiple branded hair care, hair loss or hair dye products. If it is beyond your budget and your affordability, then keep it back in the shelf. However, you are strongly recommended to make good investments in products that are worth the money you are spending on them. In other words, never compromise with the quality of the hair colour dye. There are various problems that you can face if you choose to use a mediocre or substandard green hair colour dye. For starters, the colour will fade away quite quickly. If that happens, then it’s going to be an utter waste of your money and time. Secondly, you may suffer from severe hair damage as the manufacturers of substandard hair colour dyes do not really take the health of your hair into consideration when formulating their products. Last but not the least, you could end up developing scalp infections due to exposure to abrasive, harsh and harmful chemicals contained within the product. These scalp infections could eventually lead to hair loss. Once you lose your hair, there really would not be anything for you to dye green.

The Top Names in the Market

Some green hair colour dye products are obviously leading the market in terms of quality and popularity. According to our research, these products should are worth a try:

a) La Richie Green (Apple and Alpine)

b) Manic Panic Classic and Amplified

(Enchanted Forest, Electric Lizard, Envy and Venus Envy)

c) Colour Crazy Pine and Emerald Green

d) Special Effects SFX Hair Colour Dye Sonic Green

e) Splat Neon Green Hair Dye Kit

An Important Tip for Using Green Hair Colour Dye

A lot of people make the assumption that you need to dress like a punk or a Goth to pull off green hair dye. Those days have left us a long time ago. Just put on your casual wear and rock that green hair dye in the most natural way possible.