What is the Connection between Fever and Hair Loss?

What is the Connection between Fever and Hair Loss?

When we talk about the diseases, medical disorders or ailments that lead to hair loss, we usually think of medical conditions such as lupus that is not very common among the general population of America. This puts us under the impression that hair loss is only triggered by rare physical deformities or health conditions that pose little threat to the average person. This assumption is very faulty to say the least. Hair loss is not a rare medical condition and the disorders that lead to hair loss do not necessarily have to be rare or unique. Virtually every single person on planet Earth is at risk of suffering from hair loss. That is the reason why the hair care or hair loss industry is a billion dollar business today, with corporate sharks doing all they can to pour in even more money in this booming sector. If you believe that you are immune to hair loss or have minimal chances of ever seeing yourself go bald, then it is high time that you change the way you think. This is because something as common and widespread as fever can lead to significant hair loss in a person.

Fever and Hair Loss

There are very few people in the world who are not acquainted with fever. It is something that we have all endured and will continue to endure occasionally till our death. Some people have fever more often than others due to varying strengths of the body’s immunity system, but that does not change the fact that no one’s immune system is strong enough to keep fever away permanently. Now if we were to tell you that fever leads to hair loss, it would create a sense of uncontainable panic in you. You would assume that catching fever will put you one step closer to going bald permanently. There is a definite connection between hair loss and fever, but it is not straightforward as you may think it is.

High Fever Is Responsible for Trigger Hair Loss

When we talk about fever and hair loss, we are basically referring to high fever. It is one of the lesser known factors of balding and excessive hair shedding in people. As you probably know, fever is something that can affect anybody regardless of age, gender and the state of health. Mild fever does not usually have a severe impact on the body. In other words, the detrimental effects of the usual 2 day or 3 day long fever attack are quite minimal to say the least. However, it is the high fever that has the potential to cause serious damage to the body. One of the ways in which it inflicts harm is by impeding the growth and reducing the overall volume of your hair. Why and how does this happen? Well, there is a very simple reason for that.

Hormones Are the Main Culprit

The reason why hair loss and high fever are connected is because of hormones. Anytime your body experiences a severe trauma, the hormones in your internal system go out of control and begin fluctuating a lot more than usual. It is safe to say that physical and mental trauma of the higher degrees can lead to hormonal imbalance. When the hormones are thrown off balance, your hair follicles are affected quite considerably. Hair loss due to high fever is usually noticed about a couple weeks after the fever has occurred. Short bursts of fever do not cause as much damage as prolonged periods of sustained fever.

What Can You Do About It?

It is very natural for people to enter a state of panic when they realize that their high fever is causing them to lose a lot of hair. Under the circumstances, one needs to regain his or her composure and find the time to seek medical counsel from a physician who has tons of experience with disorders of the skin and hair. The goal of the physician would be to curb down the fever and reduce its harmful effects as soon as possible. There is no need to buy expensive hair loss products or undergo fancy hair loss treatments when you are going through fever induced hair loss. This type of hair loss is usually temporary and it fades away soon after the fever becomes less of a nuisance. In lay man’s terms, there is nothing that you can do about hair loss of such kind. You simply have to wait this period out. Since your body is recovering from the trauma left behind by the high fever, it is important that you do not put it under more pressure by seeking hair loss treatments that neither you nor your body is familiar with.

The ideal course of action during this time is to minimize the stress, consume the necessary fever medications and take plenty of rest. Once your fever declines, you will have no reason to worry about going bald.